99% of Apple users have used a feature! Why not now?

How about the user experience? Is there more and more bugs in IOS 13 system? More use, more gas? Is apple, which has always been known for its user experience, really swollen?

sales in the new iPhone 11 series, Apple’s sales grew compared with the previous generation of iPhone XS, 200%

sales increased, but the user experience has not been promoted because of sales, and its iOS 13 has also become the object of many people make complaints about it. < / P > < p > remember that little white dot that was so easy to use? At that time, the first thing that the iPhone users around Hao Zai bought was to turn on the little white dot function. < / P > < p > where to start? From the peak of the iPhone, Apple released the iPhone 4 on June 8, 2010. < / P > < p > leading industrial design: the front and rear glass materials are used for the first time, practical function upgrading: customized A4 chip and front camera are popular all over the world, and the starting price is as high as $499, which can not stop the iPhone 4 from becoming the arcade of the year. < / P > < p > from that time on, it was even more incredible in China, because the iPhone was too expensive, and some people went to sell their kidneys in order to buy an iPhone. The popularity was unprecedented in the digital circle. < / P > < p > of course, the corresponding maintenance costs of expensive things are not cheap. The maintenance costs of iPhone 4 mobile phone, except for the broken screen, are ranked first, and the cost is as high as 1380 yuan. < / P > < p > followed by the replacement of the home key. According to statistics, when the iPhone 5S arrived, the home key had become the most vulnerable part of the iPhone. < / P > < p > many friends are careful when using the iPhone. The screen protection can be covered with a film. Then they are a little confused about the exposed home key. They are worried that pressing the home key and power button of the mobile phone will accelerate the damage life cycle. < / P > < p > if you can’t press the home button, you can’t handle your heart. At this time, some sharp eyed friends will find that the auxiliary function has the function of small white dots. This function is very magical. Just a single or light two, long press small white point, you can set according to your own habits! It’s not complicated at all! The most common function of small white dot is to use the corresponding mobile phone to complete the functions of lock screen, home key and volume adjustment. < / P > < p > everything has two sides. Although the small white dot is a good substitute for the entity button, its icon will always be displayed on the desktop, blocking part of the vision when browsing, and sacrificing the feedback of the entity button. < / P > < p > the second problem is efficiency. In fact, there will be more steps to do any task. First click the small white ball and then click the home button, which is far less crisp than pressing the physical button directly. < / P > < p > as haozai said at the beginning, the function of little white dot is found in the auxiliary function. Those who have paid attention to haozai know that I have written such an article before. If you are interested, you can have a look! < / P > < p > the original name of the “little white dot” of the iPhone is called “auxiliary touch”, which is designed for people with inconvenient operation. < / P > < p > and “little white dot” is to facilitate the use of mobile phones by patients with myasthenia and users with inconvenient palm operation. After all, pressing the home button requires a certain amount of force. < / P > < p > but in any case, this small auxiliary function also contains a lot of skills. Some users may have used them, but some users have not used them. Now I will record some personal application experience as follows: < / P > < p > take iPhone 8 plus as an example, turn on the auxiliary touch in the settings general auxiliary function, and small white dots will appear on the screen. < / P > < p > after you click on it, you will see six menu options in the menu bar: device, home screen, notification, custom, Siri, and control center. Howie selects the two most commonly used examples. The popularity of the iPhone 6p >, however, has witnessed the rise of the iPhone 6p < 4. With the popularity of the gesture button < p > on the iPhone, it has become a new trend to replace the interactive key of home / 7, and it has become a new trend to replace the gesture of home P > on the iPhone. < / P > < p > just like the original intention of using the small white dot, most people just use the small white dot to replace the broken home key or the broken home key. Now the home key is cancelled, and the value of the small white dot is no longer the same as it was. < / P > < p > but it has not been cancelled with the popularity of full screen, but it still keeps the auxiliary functions of every generation of iPhones for the convenience of the disabled, just like the original iPhone 4. < / P > < p > looking back, the little white dot is an indelible landscape of our original use of iPhone, bearing many people’s memories of the iPhone interface. < / P > < p > although the audience of small dots has deviated from its original target users, it is really good that as an auxiliary use function, it can bring so much convenience to ordinary people. < / P > < p > its influence is even in domestic mobile phones such as Huawei Xiaomi Meizu, which have similar functions in subsequent mobile phones, and many Android developers have developed “little white dot” app, which is enough to illustrate the great influence of small white point. < p > < p > Howie also hopes that other manufacturers will pay more attention to the use of special groups like apple. 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