A 120W quick charge is a big eye opener? Iqoo 5 series of these things before you buy

On August 17, iqoo released its new performance flagship iqoo 5 series, which has two models: iqoo 5 and iqoo 5 pro. Iqoo 5 series of new aircraft not only carries the latest ultra fast flash charging technology, but also applies the latest technology in other aspects, thus creating the latest flagship model of iqoo brand. < / P > < p > under the background of 5g universal popularization, the domestic mobile phone market in the first half of 2020 is extremely fierce, and all major mobile phone brands have launched 5g models with competitive strength in different price segments. In such a market context, carrying the latest technology that can improve the user experience is particularly critical for the 5g new machine which will be launched in the second half of 2020. The iqoo 5 series is a brand-new model that can drive the experience upgrade. Now I will analyze the top ten technical highlights of iqoo 5 series for you. < / P > < p > to say that the most eye-catching technology highlight of iqoo 5 series is flashcharge 120W ultra fast flash charging technology carried by iqoo 5 pro. In the case that battery technology has been unable to make breakthrough progress, fast charging technology is recognized as a good medicine to ease the anxiety of battery life. < p > < p > as the first model with 120W charging power in the market, the charging performance of iqoo 5 Pro is highly expected. According to iqoo official introduction, iqoo 5 Pro can fully charge the battery in 15 minutes with 120W ultra fast flash charging technology. < / P > < p > in order to achieve the super charging power of 120W of iqoo 5 pro, iqoo has customized the industry’s top level charge pump chip with charging conversion rate of 98.5%, so as to convert the voltage and current of 20V / 6A to 10V / 12a, and use the technology of “array type lug structure” to charge 6C high rate double cell battery pack with 5v12a specification through series voltage reduction. < / P > < p > in terms of charging safety, iqoo 5 Pro has passed the German Rhine t ü V safe fast charging certification, and has a battery cycle life of up to 800-1000 times. At the same time, the charging head of iqoo 5 Pro is also MCU and dual temperature control module, which can real-time monitor the charger heating and adjust the output power. In addition, the charging head also uses secondary encryption technology and OTP primary programming, so as to prevent the charger private protocol from being broken and rewritten by the third party and ensure the charging safety. < / P > < p > players who love mobile games know that excellent mobile phone vibration function can effectively improve the game experience. Iqoo 5 Pro is equipped with X-axis linear motor for this purpose. Compared with the traditional rotor motor, the linear motor has faster response speed and clearer touch feedback, so it can greatly improve the user’s handling feel. < / P > < p > a good touch experience is also inseparable from the software tuning of the vibration motor. In this regard, iqoo 5 Pro has developed and adopted a brand-new 4D game vibration function. This function can intelligently identify the player’s actions and make corresponding vibration feedback, so as to enhance the immersion of the game experience. For example, iqoo 5 series can distinguish different hero skills in, and call the corresponding skill shake immediately after the hero releases the skill. At the same time, iqoo 5 Pro also has a professional system level debugging of monster engine based on X-axis linear motor, which supports a variety of different vibration rhythms. Previously, the characteristic function simulation mechanical keyboard of iqoo series has also been inherited from iqoo 5 series. Through the customized input method of iqoo, four types of customized skin of mechanical keyboard can be provided for users, and support the simulation of multiple mechanical keyboard typing sound effect and vibration effect. < / P > < p > for performance flagship phones, good thermal performance is also essential. IQOO 5 Pro is equipped with a superconducting VC liquid cooling heat dissipation system, and increases the total area of graphite heat dissipation film inside the fuselage. At the same time, high thermal conductivity gel is used to package heat dissipation of the depressurizing charging chip, so as to achieve the purpose of guiding the heat on the chip to the hot plate and achieving effective heat conduction. < p > < p > according to official data, in heavy load scenarios such as games, superconducting carbon fiber VC liquid cooling cooling system can reduce the surface temperature of mobile phones by 3.5 degrees and CPU temperature by 12 degrees. < / P > < p > as the core component of smart phone interaction, the level of its hardware quality determines the use experience of mobile phone to a certain extent. With the popularity of OLED screen, the resolution, brightness, refresh rate, anti blue light and other parameters are increasingly concerned by users. < p > < p > iqoo 5 series is equipped with Samsung 120Hz super vision flexible screen, which adopts diamond pixel arrangement and supports high refresh rate of 120Hz. It also supports hdr10 + standard certification and 100% dci-p3 gamut coverage. In terms of anti blue light, iqoo 5 series has passed SGS screen certification, which can reduce harmful blue light to less than 7.5% and reduce screen power consumption. At the same time, its dynamic drag length is only 0.7mm, the response time of dynamic image is only 11ms, and the screen response is more agile. In addition, thanks to the characteristics of flexible screen, iqoo 5 Pro realizes a narrower border design. The left and right borders of iqoo 5 Pro are only 1.48mm and 3.07mm respectively. < / P > < p > the photo taking function is also the focus of flagship mobile phones in recent years. In this regard, iqoo 5 series is also equipped with the latest 50 megapixel super sensitive main camera. With the brand-new bottom sensor, iqoo 5 series can achieve higher dynamic range and ISO range, and support faster focusing speed and greater light input. In particular, iqoo 5 series can obtain 2.4 μ m large pixels, which is competent for shooting tasks in low light environment. Moreover, the addition of dual core focusing technology also brings the focus experience of SLR. < / P > < p > iqoo 5 Pro is also equipped with an 8 megapixel 5x periscope lens. Since its advent, the periscope camera has helped smart phones make up for its shortcomings in remote photography, thus creating a full focus mobile photography concept. < / P > < p > 5x periscope lens also helps iqoo 5 Pro realize the function of clearly shooting long-distance objects, and combines the main camera and ultra wide angle lens to complete the focal coverage from close range to long-range. < / P > < p > iqoo 5 series also has built-in independent hi fi chip cs43131 and has passed the hi res audio certification, which enables it to output high fidelity audio through headphones, creating a balanced, high dynamic, rich and clear hearing experience for users. Compared with the previous generation of iqoo 3 ak4377a chip, the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of cs43131 increases by about one time, the dynamic range DNR increases by about one time, and the output voltage increases from 1V to 2V. Compared with the common codec chip, the distortion can be reduced by about 16dB. < / P > < p > for today’s flagship models, superlinear dual speakers have become standard. However, iqoo 5 series is not satisfied with ordinary dual speakers, but equipped with two professionally customized ultra linear large amplitude 1210 core inner magnetic upper speaker units. < / P > < p > these two professionally customized superlinears have a 0.5mm amplitude speaker core, which can provide a full bass, loud voice and a wider sound field. At the same time, iqoo 5 series also supports the self-developed super audio sound effect, which supports audio technology such as stereo algorithm, virtual bass algorithm, scene tuning, etc., so as to achieve good low-frequency performance and scene sound effect, and achieve the sound image center to make up for the imbalance of dual stereo. < / P > < p > getting through the interactive connection between different devices is also a pain point of users’ needs. Previously, iqoo series models have supported efficient and convenient vivo mutual transmission function. The iqoo 5 series is equipped with the function of convenient connection and multi screen interaction between computer and mobile phone. < / P > < p > users can connect the computer and mobile phone through a variety of wired or wireless connection methods, so as to realize the functions of operating the mobile phone on the computer, managing and editing the files on the mobile phone, answering calls, processing notifications, etc.; it can also realize the drag and drop of documents and pictures between the mobile phone and the computer, as well as sharing the clipboard. For Android phones, performance optimization has always been a problem. How to make full use of the powerful performance of snapdragon 865 processor has become the problem that iqoo 5 series must face. < / P > < p > for this purpose, the iqoo 5 series is equipped with a newly upgraded multi turbo 4.0 acceleration engine. The acceleration engine can improve the frame rate, game audio and video experience, system fluency and stability, application response speed and heat dissipation by adjusting CPU strategy, optimizing framework and recovery part, intelligent scheduling resources and utilization efficiency, so as to bring smooth and stable use experience for users. In addition, iqoo 5 series also has built-in monster mode, and the system speed will be further improved after the monster mode is turned on. < / P > < p > to solve the pain points in the use of existing smart phones through new technologies can be said to be one of the main directions of smartphone update iteration in the future. How to make full use of new technology has become one of the questions that mobile phone manufacturers must answer. < / P > < p > for this question, iqoo 5 series is a satisfactory answer. The 120W ultra fast flash charging technology greatly eases the users’ anxiety of service life, so that users don’t need to wait when charging; the upgrade of 4D game sense function also effectively plays the role of linear motor, bringing immersion experience to users in more dimensions; the addition of cs43131 independent hi fi chip improves the problem of flagship mobile phone lacking high-quality experience, providing an option for music loving users Choose. Thus, iqoo 5 series has made use of new technology to enhance the user’s actual experience. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”