A battle with Huawei is inevitable, but apple is in trouble, and cook’s fortune may be cut off

To be fair to all, apple is the proudest technology enterprise, with a market value of more than 2.3 trillion yuan. Apple products are hot selling products all over the world. 618 e-commerce day directly contributes nearly 2 billion sales to apple, and these sales will further establish Apple’s dominant position in mobile phones. What’s more, Apple will make a big move in the autumn press conference this year. According to foreign media reports, Apple will launch four models in October this year. Even though it has not yet been officially launched, it has logged into Weibo for several times. < p > < p > in fact, Apple also attaches great importance to this conference. It should be noted that the world is moving towards the 5g era. As a head mobile phone manufacturer, apple does not have any 5g mobile phones, which is obviously not equivalent to Apple’s reputation. According to external news, apple is ready to ship nearly 80 million this year, and its momentum is showing. In addition, Apple also has an objective advantage. Huawei’s high-end chips, the largest domestic competitor, are facing the end of print, with a stock volume of 10 million, which can only last for half a year. That is to say, a battle with Huawei’s new machine is inevitable. However, for apple, this time, there is a big victory. < / P > < p > maybe apple is becoming popular. In the critical period of preparing for the release of the new machine, Apple’s external pressure began to intensify. Cook received a lot of bad news in recent months, which made many netizens sigh that cook’s trouble was coming. When the decision to ban wechat appeared, apple leader cook had a hard time. At that time, Apple was facing antitrust investigation, and the ultimate core point was Apple’s app store and some ancillary services. Since then, the EU-27 countries have jointly investigated Apple’s monopoly behavior. Up to now, the team against apple is expanding. Recently, because Apple forced some advertising fees on mobile operators and forced them to provide free warranty services, the local fair Committee accused apple of abusing its monopoly position and finally ruled that Apple’s behavior was not in compliance. Later, in order to reduce disputes, apple put forward rectification measures and made a final conclusion on the allocation of advertising expenses, and the warranty business shared by operators was deleted. At the same time, Apple also decided to provide 100 billion won to support the development of local small enterprises. However, according to the current situation, the 100 billion yuan is obviously not enough. After all, apple faces too many antitrust investigations. Although the results have been achieved in South Korea, many countries are still extremely dissatisfied with Apple’s monopoly, such as Japan and Russia, which have sold Apple these two days. < / P > < p > first look at Japan. According to media reports, Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has also noticed Apple’s high draw. Relevant people said that Apple will be investigated and whether Apple’s charging policy is reasonable. If it is confirmed that Apple’s tax is indeed too high, I am afraid Apple will not escape the fate of fine this time. After all, France issued a precedent of 1.1 billion euro fine for apple. < / P > < p > looking at Russia, a member of Parliament drafted a draft to reduce Apple’s share in the app store from the original 30% to 20%. Even though Russia has not discussed this bill yet, the “Apple tax” seems to be the biggest slot for apple. Once the plan is implemented, Apple’s loss will be more than 100 billion yuan That’s easy. In other words, apple and cook may be cut off. < p > < p > in fact, in the eyes of some investors, apple is a hot spot. For example, as of July, the data showed that the apple stock held by Mr. Buffett had increased by $55 billion. However, in the eyes of developers, apple is virtually in a “monopoly position”. Its app store has the right to live and kill the software, and the extra commission increases the hidden burden of users. < / P > < p > as for whether Apple and cook will compromise in the end, all parties need to work hard. After all, Apple’s app store is Apple’s gold sucking stone. Cook definitely doesn’t want to give in, but once cook makes a concession, Apple’s loss will only be greater. At that time, developers and users of Apple’s mobile phones will benefit directly. Do you support apple to reduce the proportion of Apple tax? 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!