A flowing “Chinese blood” technology company, for the benefit of giving up China, netizens: forget the origin!

China is the world’s largest country in population. According to the statistics in 2019, China’s population is 1400.05 million, that is, 1.45 billion. In 2020, China’s total population is expected to exceed 1.42 billion. As the world’s second largest economy, many foreign-funded enterprises have “settled” in China in order to get a “cake” in some aspects. For example, technology companies like Samsung, apple, and Qualcomm are making a lot of money in China. For example, in the whole year of 2019, Apple’s app store took 246 billion yuan from China, about 35.395 billion US dollars. In the fourth quarter of 2019, the revenue of Apple Everbright China was 11.134 billion US dollars. If it was me, I would be happy in my dreams. Of course, not all foreign-funded enterprises are so successful. Samsung, Nokia and Motorola were the “three giants” in the mobile phone industry 20 years ago. Later, with the advent of smart phones and the launch of Apple mobile phones, the “big guys” of Symbian system fell behind one after another, and launched the Chinese market. Only Samsung has the fastest transformation. But Samsung does not seem to value the Chinese market. According to statistics in 2019, Samsung mobile phones occupy less than 1% of China’s mobile phones. From the side, we can see the rise of domestic mobile phones in China. It can also be seen that China’s science and technology industry and digital field have made great progress. For example, Huawei, Tencent, byte skipping and other technology industry giants have rushed out of China and gone to the world. However, the rise of China’s economy is not acceptable to some people in western countries, because he feels that the rise of China’s science and technology industry has affected his status as a “big brother” in the world. So it launched a series of measures to crack down on Chinese technology industry companies. And signed a series of documents to prohibit the use of Chinese technology products in the United States, and even limit the time to withdraw from the U.S. market or acquisition. Chinese mainland China has been a major technology company in recent years. But today, a technology company running blood in China has abandoned the Chinese market for profit. That is the leading company Zoom today. Perhaps many of its buddy partners have not heard of this high-tech company. He is a company that develops video conference platforms. The company announced 3 this month: it will stop selling new products or upgrading directly to mainland Chinese customers. “

” In the future, video conference services will only be provided through third-party partners. < / P > < p > why is it a “Chinese blood” technology company? First of all, the company’s boss, Yuan Zheng, is currently an American Huawei. The 24-year-old has created an “American Dream” because of a speech by Bill Gates. Eight consecutive applications to go to the United States were rejected, but he did not give up. In the ninth application, the visa was successful, which sounds very inspirational. After working in the United States for about five years, Yuan Zheng never gave up his dream. When he had capital, he quit his job and founded zoom company. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Jose, Silicon Valley, Yuan Zheng is mainly engaged in cloud video conference field. Yuan Zheng himself was not born in the United States, but was born in Shandong Province, China. He studied in Stanford University in the early years, and now he has joined American nationality. So it’s not too much to say that zoom is an American company with “Chinese blood”? < / P > < p > I can’t help but think of a movie called warwolf 2. In the movie, Yu Qian plays the role of “profiteer”. When I’m ok, I’m a foreign nationality, and when I’m busy, I’m Chinese. Although it’s a metaphor for Yuan Zheng, it really reminds me of this picture. < p > < p > Yuan Zheng, whose predecessor was “Chinese”, naturally would not give up the Chinese market. After all, he was his former home. Therefore, zoom company is located in less developed areas. Because of the regional wage difference, local software engineers are not compared with western countries and first tier cities. In order to save company costs, I can understand. < / P > < p > but this move has caused controversy in the US market. Although zoom software is not popular in China, it can be said that it is no less than the nails we are using or Huawei cloud conference in the United States. The main position of zoom’s development in the past nine years is in the United States. One third of the top 500 enterprises in the United States are using zoom software, and 90% of the users of American universities are using it, which makes zoom company have to make a choice at this time. < / P > < p > in addition, Xiaobian thinks that there are other reasons for zoom’s withdrawal from the Chinese market. He has just experienced that China’s cloud video conferencing software is not the only one in China. Software such as nail, Huawei cloud and Tencent conference are also emerging in an endless stream, and they are more in line with China’s use demand. In contrast, the market share of zoom in China is not surprising, and the product features are not surprising, and the dependence is not very large , so it’s also a little bit of dignity for yourself? As soon as the news came out, netizens said in succession that they had not heard of the software and that they had forgotten their origin. < / P > < p > in fact, after Xiaobian got to know it, I personally feel that shopping malls are like battlefields. There is no absolute right or wrong, only interests. There is no big fault for zoom company to choose its own interests. However, I still hope you must recognize the fact that China is a great country. If you attach importance to your product research and development and optimize products, good things will naturally be enjoyed by Chinese people If you just want to speculate, I think there will be no result in the future. If you really move back to the United States, I can’t imagine that the United States will not move you? You know, some technology companies are also registered overseas. I don’t know what my friends think about zoom’s practice. Please leave a message and we’ll discuss it together. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia