A fruit taster’s tongue is a table of sweetness, and his brain has a living map

When it comes to the occupation of “fruit taster”, many people will feel very strange. They are the people who “fly” to the whole country and even all over the world to taste delicious fruits, and the first time to taste fresh fruits from the origin. Shi Zhenhua, who buys vegetables in meituan, is such an enviable fruit taster. He has been in the fruit purchasing industry for more than 10 years. In the eyes of peers, his tongue is famous for its sensitivity. When a piece of fruit is put in front of him, Shi Zhenhua can see the category and origin of the fruit at a glance. After tasting, he can judge the sweetness of the corresponding category of fruit, and the accuracy rate is often more than 95%. During the past 10 years, Shi Zhenhua gained 80 Jin in weight due to tasting fruits. < / P > < p > industry insiders say that if fresh e-commerce does not have a complete quality control system, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of fruits and vegetables, because unlike the fruits and vegetables that can be seen and touched in the vegetable market, users can choose by themselves. “Fresh e-commerce is different, from picking fruits and vegetables to delivering them to consumers, and e-commerce platforms are very important for strict quality management of products.”. < / P > < p > “meituan buys vegetables every month, and each fruit has more than one kind. On average, each sample needs to be tasted more than three times. We need to taste the taste of fruits in different periods to determine the time to put them on the shelves.” In Shi Zhenhua’s opinion, “tasting fruit is one of my work contents, and I’m used to it.” < p > < p > because he tasted fruits all the year round, Shi Zhenhua developed the ability on the tip of his tongue. After tasting, you can roughly give the specific sweetness of this fruit, where it is produced and what kind of variety it is. Over the past 10 years, Shi has gained 80 Jin in weight due to his taste of fruit. “It’s really a work-related injury.” He said with a smile. < / P > < p > in addition to tasting, exploring high-quality fruits is also one of Shi Zhenhua’s work. In recent years, Japan’s Shizuoka melon is widely welcomed because of its high sweetness. Shi Zhenhua then wondered whether there are such fruits available to consumers in China? Thanks to meituan’s previous poverty alleviation work in Gansu Province, Shi Zhenhua and his colleagues found a similar melon in the Gobi of Gansu Province, and named it “Gobi melon” for the first time. “A fruit, to taste and taste good, you need sufficient light, large temperature difference between day and night, which is conducive to the accumulation of sugar in fruit.” Shi Zhenhua said that the Gobi melon grows in this environment. The melon planting base is hundreds of kilometers away from Lanzhou, surrounded by endless Gobi desert. “We spent five days in the melon field in the Gobi desert and tasted melons of different growth stages in the greenhouse. These melons are really too sweet. After a few days, everyone’s mouth is inflamed and can’t open < p > < p > Shi Zhenhua, who has worked for more than ten years, has more than 2000 mobile phone numbers in his mobile phone. Most of these numbers are the phone numbers of cooperatives and suppliers in the major fruit producing areas. Shi Zhenhua often asks them about the situation of fruits in various regions. < p > < p > in Shi Zhenhua’s mind, there is a global “fruit map”, which records the ripening time of all kinds of fruits, the best producing areas and other information. The month before each kind of fruit went on the market was Shi Zhenhua’s busiest day. He needs to contact the person in charge of the fruit producing area to understand the output and specifications of the fruit, and fly to various producing areas to taste the fruit to determine whether it can be put on the shelves. < / P > < p > in fact, it’s not just a taste. Shi Zhenhua showed his mobile phone photo album to the Beijing News. Of the more than 20000 photos, more than 19000 were fruit photos and standard tables of all kinds of fruits. A banana standard table for meituan to buy vegetables shows that there are clear regulations and requirements for sweetness, maturity, peel coloring, sugar value, fruit rust value, fruit diameter specification and taste. < / P > < p > every kind of fruit is picked from the tree, entered the warehouse, shipped from the warehouse, and delivered to the front warehouse before delivery. The four links of meituan’s buying vegetables have strict quality inspection. In this process, the fruit will go through three temperature changes and turn around in 24 hours. The purchase should control the temperature, humidity, ripening process, packaging environment, etc. to ensure that the user gets the “ready to eat” fruit and does not need to be cooked again. For many years, he has been familiar with the history of fruits in China and even in the world. In order to learn more about fruits, he has a complete set of simple equipment for fruit quick inspection, including microscope, test paper, test tube, detection neutralizer and other reagents. “I feel that to do this job, you have to be proficient in biology, chemistry, physics, geography and so on.” < p > < p > meituan always insists on poverty alleviation. There are almost no fruit production systems in other provinces, such as Fujian and Tibet, where fruit production is relatively low in all provinces, such as Fujian and Tibet. Shi Zhenhua also had a lot of emotion, “due to the lack of advanced planting technology and understanding of fruit e-commerce in some poor areas, fruit growers still use the old way of planting, while meituan shopping for vegetables has a higher acceptance standard and quality grade classification for the fruit quality settled in the platform. Therefore, it is necessary to help these growers to improve quality and yield at the source of planting. ” < / P > < p > what kind of fruit is suitable for meituan to buy vegetables? How to prune the fruit to minimize the damage during transportation, and how to package and store the fruit more conducive to storage All these need to be taught by Shi Zhenhua hand in hand to fruit growers. < p > < p > similarly, fruit tasters are not only responsible for the unified purchase of fruits, but also directly participate in the production, optimization and even purchase of fine varieties of fruits, and guide the management and control of the whole supply chain. “To do a good job in the construction and management of the upstream supply chain, to provide users with high-quality fresh products, is also responsible for users.” Shi Zhenhua said. Before going to bed every night, Shi Zhenhua is used to opening meituan to buy vegetables and browsing the latest comments of consumers on various fruits of the day one by one; every three days, Shi Zhenhua and his colleagues will conduct a keyword search to see what the user’s evaluation of a keyword order is during this period. < / P > < p > “only in this way can we have a clearer understanding of what consumers need, and also help fruit growers to meet consumer needs more quickly. As middlemen, we understand consumers better than fruit growers, and we know the industry better than consumers. We need to be responsible to both consumers and fruit growers. ” Older posts →