A girl’s mobile phone hasn’t been changed for three years! It’s hard to decide whether Huawei or apple. Finally, it’s a summary

In fact, some people have voted before and asked about the frequency of aircraft change. As a result, most people choose to change planes for more than a year. Although the new machines on the market are released too fast and the flagship configuration updates fast, ordinary users are not interested in the new machines or are reluctant to give up the old machines. As before, a mobile phone can still last for two or three years. How many years is the limit for us to change the phone? < / P > < p > a girl named Tiantian wants her life to be sweet too, but she has been more irritable recently, because her iPhone is a little too much for her. So, I’ve been thinking about a new plane for a long time, but I haven’t decided which one to change. Her iPhone has been in use for more than three years, and it will be nearly four years in four months. It’s really an old thing to exchange. It’s mainly the battery problem that makes her unbearable. Her power consumption is almost up to the charging speed, so her daily experience will be greatly affected. Now it’s a very embarrassing situation, and there are a lot of considerations about changing planes. First of all, I don’t like Samsung because the system is difficult to use, and small domestic brands will not choose it. After comparing Xiaomi and vivo, it is finally difficult to decide whether to choose Huawei or apple? < / P > < p > Tiantian thinks this way. If you buy back the Apple phone, if you don’t support 5g all the time, I feel like a big loser. Everyone has 5g, but I’m still paying a high price to buy 4G mobile phones. At present, many people are entangled in two directions. Although 5g was exaggerated too much at the beginning of 2020, they always thought it would bring more than speed improvement. Now it seems that 4G mobile phones are no different, but there is always a gap in their hearts. < / P > < p > if you buy Huawei, Tiantian used to be the apple party. After getting used to the IOS operation over the years, Huawei really can’t use Android phones. No matter the program doesn’t work, and after a long time, you can see the suspicious life every day. < / P > < p > between the two dilemmas, Tiantian looks at her iPhone and thinks about it. Apart from power consumption, this mobile phone has not been jammed, let alone dead strike. I think no matter how much you tout Huawei or other domestic mobile phones, it is impossible for other Android mobile phones to use for three or four years? < / P > < p > for a long time, we discussed this one or that one. To sum up, it is not because of poverty, or you can regret buying another one. I don’t know that people usually buy mobile phones in this way? I didn’t ask how much the budget was. Anyway, when a new machine was just launched, someone would compare it back and forth. Good and bad problems would be found. In itself, a mobile phone can’t be perfect, and it can’t meet everyone’s taste. The mobile phone you want to buy is already stable in this era, and it won’t bring too much difference. You can start to feel at ease! Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia