A group of “white hat hackers” came to Hangzhou and attacked the iPhone 12

Hangzhou net news the first second or bright lights, the second the whole city into darkness, this comparable scene, in a group of special groups of “action”, the real performance. This special group is called “white hat hackers”. They stand in the position of hackers to attack their own system to conduct security vulnerability investigation, in order to better protect the data security. < p > < p > on November 12, the 24th China International Software Expo 2020 was held in Hangzhou for the first time, and the 2020 “Mendian Cup” cracking competition was officially opened. Enterprises, colleges and universities from all over the country, as well as folk “geeks” and “white hat hackers” and other security experts gathered together to find out the security problems in the fields of new infrastructure, intelligent transportation, intelligent terminals and smart home by means of competitions and live performances. < / P > < p > in a short period of 20 minutes, the top experts must quickly complete the attack and obtain the corresponding encrypted data without touching the target device < / P > < p > the first project of the competition is the intelligent terminal performance show. Pangushi forensic team from Qianxin demonstrated the whole process of iPhone 12’s world first breakthrough. As we all know, the iPhone 12, which has just come into the market soon, is based on the latest IOS 14 system, with a variety of advanced defense mechanisms, which greatly increases the difficulty of IOS attacks and makes prison break even more difficult. Pangushi forensics team with a strong hole mining technology, the world’s first crack success. < / P > < p > for the first time, the new infrastructure cracking project introduced has become the biggest attraction of the competition. Among them, the smart streetlight cracking project will allow the audience to witness how “white hat hackers” can make use of loopholes to launch attacks, remotely control a large number of streetlights, and blind the whole city overnight. < / P > < p > the industrial remote control cracking project, by invading the industrial remote control, makes large machines and construction sites out of control instantly, and industrial accidents, personal safety and urban development will be grasped by attackers. At the same time, the enterprise level firewall, which is widely used in the new infrastructure construction, will also accept the challenge of cracking. The “white hat hacker” demonstrates how to turn the firewall from a “protection barrier” into a virtual, non locked door, so that the intranet information and confidential data are exposed to the attacker. < / P > < p > after four hours of fierce fighting, including the iPhone 12, a full set of smart home, shared bicycles, smart sports cars, as well as intelligent street lights, industrial remote controls, enterprise class firewalls and other digital devices in the new infrastructure scene, all of which were successfully cracked by the competitors. < / P > < p > 2020 “Mendian Cup” cracking competition is organized by Hangzhou Economic and Information Bureau, Hangzhou high tech Zone Management Committee, qi’anxin group, Mendian vulnerability response platform and ant group security response center. < / P > < p > with the development of information technology, network security is facing challenges, and high-quality security development of Escort software industry has become a consensus in the industry. This competition finds out the security problems of intelligent devices and software in the way of competition, so as to arouse the attention of the society on network security, improve its security protection ability, and cultivate and select excellent network security talents, enhance the network security awareness of the whole people, and escort the security of the digital and intelligent era. < / P > < p > compared with the first competition, the new infrastructure field has been added to this competition, “we hope to promote the security development of China’s new infrastructure strategy in the form of competition, and adapt to the new security threats brought by the tide of information construction.” As the organizer of the two “mending the sky Cup” cracking competition, Wu Yunkun, President of Qianxin group, said. < / P > < p > he further explained that “new technologies and new infrastructure, represented by new infrastructure, intelligent transportation and smart home, are accelerating their penetration and popularization in national, economic, social and personal life, and are eliminating the boundary between cyberspace and physical space, thus network security has become the” bottom plate “in the digital and intelligent era In Wu Yunkun’s opinion, in order to ensure the network security under the new situation, we must first understand and grasp the security risks of these new facilities and new technologies, and this competition is to find and master the loopholes and risks of equipment and software in these fields through cracking, so as to find ideas, technologies and methods for better protection and protection. 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