A lot of information about the iPhone 12 was exposed on October 13, and the price was the biggest surprise

The price of Apple’s iPhone 12 series was leaked before the rumored release on October 13, and Apple’s next-generation phone could meet many people’s purchase budgets if it was accurate. < / P > < p > the price leak came from Apple rumor, a twitter whistleblower on twitter, who released prices for all iPhone 12 models and their configurations. We don’t know the accuracy of the leak’s tracking record or where they got this information, but the information is historically more accurate. < / P > < p > then comes the standard 6.1-inch iPhone 12, which has the same storage configuration as its smaller counterparts. But the bigger display cost the phone $100: 749, 799 and 899. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 will be equipped with an OLED display, a pair of rear cameras, a powerful A14 bionic chip and a new flat panel design. So the price seems reasonable. By contrast, the 6.1-inch iPhone 11 starts at $699, between the two nonprofessional iPhone 12 models. The leak is also closely related to other iPhone 12 price leaks that we have seen in recent months. < / P > < p > at these prices, the iPhone 12 will face new competition from the affordable Android flagship. The new Google pixel 5, with a dual rear camera and 5g, costs $699, but offers a slower snapdragon 765G chip. Although the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe includes an impressive range of specifications, such as a 120Hz display, three cameras, and a powerful snapdragon processor, the 865 sells for $699. < / P > < p > in addition to the A14 bionic processor and 5g connectivity, the iPhone 12 Pro Series should be equipped with a third telephoto camera, and one or both of the two Pro phones should also be equipped with lidar sensors for better camera and augmented reality performance. < / P > < p > if it is true that the price is as exposed or slightly changed, Apple will shine when the iPhone 12 series is released this month and the next event rumored to be held on October 13. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia