A necessary book for blockchain Xiaobai

Since 2017, the number of blockchain patent applications in China has been ranked first in the world, and far ahead of other countries. When the country has made it clear that blockchain should be taken as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology, the main direction of attack should be clarified, the investment should be increased, efforts should be made to overcome a number of key core technologies, and the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation should be accelerated. We do not need to doubt that China is seizing the runway in the development of blockchain technology. Everyone is starting to reexamine this core technology that some people think is the next generation of subversive core technology after steam engine, electricity and Internet. This emerging technology contains infinite possibilities. However, when we open Baidu to search for blockchain, its development prospects, and the realization of blockchain technology, people are dizzy and confused by various professional terms. This is a necessary book to help Xiaobai sort out all kinds of relevant knowledge about blockchain. < / P > < p > a your friend borrowed money from you, and you told other friends to be on the safe side. Every friend remembers this account, which is called “distributed ledger”. B friend also borrowed money from you, you also told other friends, they wrote down the account. In this way, every time your friend borrows money from you, the time and character information together is an information package, which is a blockchain. So why are friends willing to help you with these accounts? The first one who helps you to write down this account will get the reward you give him, and then everyone’s enthusiasm will be aroused. In this distributed ledger, because more than one person keeps accounts, it is impossible for someone to secretly tamper with the ledger or refuse to recognize it. Through 20 wonderful stories, 30 real cases and 50 interesting illustrations, the book elaborates the definition and classification of blockchain, typical characteristics, technology and mining principles, common misunderstandings, main applications, policies, regulations and supervision, and future development trend. The book’s language is easy to understand, and the metaphor is vivid and vivid. It fills the gap between pure technical books and pure commercial books about blockchain, and completely answers the questions of what blockchain is, how to operate and how to apply it. This interesting and informative introduction to blockchain can help us quickly understand the relevant knowledge of blockchain. During the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, General Secretary Xi stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the guidance and standardization of blockchain technology, implement the network management according to law into the management of blockchain, and promote the safe and orderly development of blockchain. Blockchain is developing rapidly in China, and its broad application prospect will be closely related to our life. An early understanding of blockchain and understanding of blockchain will be of great benefit to our investment and life. < / P > < p > as the book says, at present, blockchain is not only a technology, but also a way of thinking. Estonia, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries actively layout the development and application of blockchain. Its application covers many fields, and “blockchain +” has a very broad development prospect. It is gratifying to note that since 2014, global blockchain patent applications have been on the rise, while China’s patent applications have accounted for 80% by 2018, which shows that China attaches great importance to the development of blockchain. In the foreseeable future, blockchain is bound to penetrate into all aspects of our lives. What is the reason why we don’t understand and pay attention to blockchain= https://twhosting.com/asmc-a-lithography-maker-was-one-of-tsmcs-14-top-suppliers-last-year/ target=_ blank>ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year