A new generation of micro EOS R6, the first choice for cost performance, fully meets the needs of photography enthusiasts

Canon also released another camera EOS R6 when launching EOS R5. When everyone focuses on EOS R5, the halo emitted by EOS R6 is naturally less dazzling. However, in my opinion, the EOS R6 is actually the main model that most people buy. After all, the number one is in the front, and the second is only in the back. The overall fuselage performance is certainly not as strong as that of EOS R5. However, compared with EOS R and RP, it has been greatly improved. After all, in the EOS r family, the second is not a casual seat. After the evaluation of EOS R5 some time ago, I will bring you the evaluation of EOS R6 today. < / P > < p > the body size of EOS R6 is similar to that of EOS R and EOS R5. However, there is no shoulder screen in EOS R6. Instead, it is a solid mode turntable, which is more intuitive in vision and control. In addition, the handle and feedback of physical keys are the same as those of EOS R5. The redesigned power switch button brings better hand feeling. The video recording button, lock button and two dialing wheels are all concentrated on the right shoulder of the fuselage, and the general usage habits are the same as those of EOS RP. < / P > < p > EOS R6 uses an OLED viewfinder of 0.5 ″ and about 3.69 million points. It supports a refresh rate of about 120 frames / s, which is more than four times higher than the visual frame rate of the human eye, so the experience is very smooth. < / P > < p > the design of the buttons on the back of EOS R6 and EOS R5 are the same, and the function and layout of the buttons are the same as before. Moreover, Canon EOS R6 restores two classic designs of multi-function control button and speed control turntable, which can be called the most familiar and default operation mode of Canon users. < / P > < p > on the screen, the back of the EOS R6 camera is a 3.0 inch 1.62 million pixel flip screen, which supports lateral rotation, is easy to use for self shooting, and supports touch operation, so it feels very smooth and smooth. Compared with the 3.2-inch 2.1 megapixel flip screen of EOS R5, the specification is slightly lower, but the handling experience is basically the same as that of EOS R5. In terms of interface and battery, there is no difference between EOS R6 and EOS R5: USB 3.1 Gen 2 type-C interface, micro HDMI interface, 3.5mm headset, microphone plug and remote control interface, which can meet the requirements of video recording and output. The new lp-e6nh battery can be powered by USB power adapter pd-e1. In addition, it is worth noting that the EOS R6 adopts a dual SD card slot design, which virtually reduces the user’s use cost, at least does not need to spend expensive price to buy CFE memory card. < / P > < p > many people may say, is it really enough that the EOS R6 is only equipped with 2010 megapixels after 2020? In fact, the sensor of EOS R6 is based on eos-1d x Mark III and optimized according to the optical characteristics of EOS R system. It is combined with digital x digital image processor. Therefore, the performance of EOS R6 in terms of image quality and high-sensitivity performance has reached the optimal performance. At present, I think EOS has achieved the best performance R6 with 2010 megapixel is completely out of practical considerations, in other words, to maintain the overall balance. In addition, EOS R6 can also record 10 bit heif image with wide color gamut as eos-1d x Mark III, and can be converted into SDR image through in-machine conversion. However, it should be noted here that only 8-bit color deep JPEG files can be recorded when using electronic shutter, while there is no such problem when using mechanical shutter. < / P > < p > the original sensitivity range of EOS R6 is ISO 100-102400, which can be extended down or up to ISO 50 and ISO 204800. The high sensitivity is higher than that of EOS R5. After all, the pixels of R6 are lower. In fact, from the naked eye observation, it is still good within ISO 6400. However, the image quality of ISO 6400 begins to decline. In terms of picture purity, ISO 3200 performs better. < / P > < p > in the dynamic range test, I use the range of + 3eV to – 3eV that users often use in exposure. From the test results, Canon EOS The pull back performance of R6 in under exposure and over exposure is fully available. However, it can be found that at + 3eV, yellow appears a certain color deviation, the performance of other colors is basically within the normal range, and there is no obvious noise in pull back. Canon EOS R6 can have such performance, I think it is very good. < / P > < p > as a model released with Canon EOS R5, the focus system of EOS R6 adopts the second generation full pixel dual core CMOS AF just like EOS R5. When the sensor is compatible with the camera, it can cover about 100% of the whole image area in the visible mode. When the face is not detected, the camera can automatically select from 1053 focus frames according to the position of the object, so as to achieve smooth object tracking effect. < / P > < p > R6 can be said to be the same as R5 to improve the focus and continuous shooting at one time. The new processor can bring a better sense of user experience. Whether you control the camera or the speed of processing photos and videos, R6 has obvious help. The new focusing system also realizes automatic focusing of animal body, eye and head detection. The minimum focus ability of – 6.5ev can be achieved, even half gear higher than R5. < / P > < p > EOS R6 adopts CMOS image sensor based on Canon SLR flagship eos-1d x Mark III, combined with high-performance digital x digital image processor, it can achieve high-speed continuous shooting of up to 20 frames / second under electronic shutter and up to 12 pictures / second under mechanical shutter / electronic front curtain shutter, which is similar to Canon EOS R5 is the same, but due to its lower pixels, R6 can get a smoother card writing experience when using the same uhs-ii memory card. < / P > < p > when I evaluated Canon EOS R5 before, I was shocked by its powerful anti shake ability. EOS R6 also adopts up to 8 levels of anti shake compensation to support the lens to cooperate with anti shake. It can also provide very strong anti shake effect for the lens without anti shake. It greatly increases the possibility of using this machine to shoot night scene in hand, to show the flow effect with low-speed shutter, and to shoot at a special angle with unstable posture. < / P > < p > basically, I can take pictures with clear focus even if I hold it for 1 second or even 2 seconds. In the video shooting, the anti shake intervention is very obvious and intuitive, which makes the video picture more smooth and smooth. For some conventional motion video images such as rotation, walking back and forth, I can get a very excellent picture feeling by holding it. < / P > < p > some of the above functions are the same as EOS R5, while others are different. In terms of video shooting ability, Canon EOS R6 and EOS R5 are still very different. EOS R6 supports up to 4K when shooting video 60p video shooting specifications and 1080p / 120P upgrade video, and support the short clip cutting mode, you can also choose to turn off or enable the cutting mode as required. < / P > < p > in addition, the shooting time is limited by the rise of the camera’s internal temperature. After the cutting is turned off, the maximum shooting time can be 30 minutes from 5.1k supersampling to 4K 60p, while it can be shot for 40 minutes at 4K 30p, and the longest single video is limited to 29 minutes and 59 seconds. < / P > < p > in addition, EOS R6 also supports c-log recording. Unfortunately, EOS R6 only provides IPB inter frame compression, not all-I intra frame compression. I believe that this is what many users hope EOS R6 can have. However, in addition to some of the above functions, EOS R6 has two designs that I think are very good. First, the back of EOS R6 has a microphone design, so that it can record the voice of the photographer himself when shooting in hand; the second is to use HDR PQ records video, any frame can be saved as a static photo, and the saved photos also have 10 bit color depth. < / P > < p > finally, in my opinion, Canon EOS R6 is a product with sufficient performance, which can be said to meet the needs of users at this level. The official price of 15999 yuan was a surprise on the day of the press conference, and 2010 million pixels and digital were given X digital image processor, 20 / s electronic shutter continuous shooting, 12 / s mechanical shutter continuous shooting, powerful focusing of animal and human eyes / head, second generation full pixel dual core CMOS AF covering 100% of picture area, anti shake capability up to level 8, 4K 60p, 1080p / 120P video and other powerful functions, I think canon is quite sincere this time, plus the fragrant RF lens, what do you think? 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