A rare scene came from space. The sun was engulfed by a black hole 200 million light-years away, and its destruction was fully exposed

According to the global network on October 14, astronomers at the European Southern Observatory in Chile observed through multiple telescopes that a star with the same mass as the sun in the spiral galaxy in the constellation pojiang, 215 million light-years away from the earth, was torn and swallowed by a black hole with a super mass of more than 1 million times the mass of the sun and a horizon diameter of 6 million km. < / P > < p > most galaxies in the universe hide supermassive black holes, with masses ranging from 990000 to 40 billion suns. However, this kind of celestial body is not a real star, but a sky area with almost nothing. < p > < p > a black hole is a place where space-time breaks in the universe. It is a completely invisible celestial body with strong gravity. Its density is infinite, its volume is infinitesimal, and its gravity is very strong. Light cannot escape from it. It is due to the massive star in nuclear fusion, because of the depletion of fuel and become a dead star, resulting in gravitational collapse and formation. In a way, it’s equivalent to a remnant of a star. < / P > < p > it is like a & quot; rampant & quot; Hunter lurking in space, and any matter entering a black hole cannot escape. In April 2019, the first black hole photo in human history was officially released, which once again revealed its mystery. In November 2019, the Chinese team discovered the largest known stellar black hole. < / P > < p > in this event, about 70 million kilometers away from the black hole, the spherical star began to deform under the huge tidal attraction, and then gradually stretched and torn into a thin linear material flow. When these flows fall into the black hole, they release bright and high-energy flares that can be detected, including visible light, ultraviolet light and X-ray. < p > < p > in the process of black hole swallowing stars, dust and star debris around the black hole form a huge accretion disk, part of which is swallowed by the black hole, and the other part is transferred to the two poles of the black hole, forming a material shock wave with strong energy and ejecting at the speed of 10000 km / s. The energy emitted at the peak of the event can even reach 10 billion times that of the sun. In the process of < / P > < p > a shaded curtain will be formed, which makes it difficult to observe and study. However, due to the right timing, the & quot; curtain & quot; interference to the observation was avoided this time. < / P > < p > in the Milky way, this epic cosmic Holocaust occurs almost every 10000 to 100000 years. It can be said that it takes patience and luck to see the burning moment before the dying star. This rare, science fiction like tidal disruption event is the closest known such event to earth. This is of great significance for human beings to explore the boundless space and their ultimate destiny. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865