A set of concept maps reveal the future of Apple’s foldable phones. Do you like it?

The plan has some ideas. Still, with rumors and patent filings full of information, more imaginative Apple fans have begun to design the foldable iPhone on behalf of apple.

among them, concepts iPhone has just provided us with iPhone 12 flip, which shows the possible functions of Apple’s foldable mobile phone.

concepsiphone rendering shows an external display that may be used for quick notification before flipping to the front, similar to a longer iPhone. When folded at a 90 degree angle, the front display is still similar to a traditional IOS array, displaying active and clock widgets at the top of the screen, similar to what you see in IOS 14.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this is the breathtaking realism, where two iPhone flip’s are placed on a wooden surface to show their contrasting dimensions. The closed iPhone 12 flip opens and unfolds, rotating to reveal a shiny aluminum border with a USB type-C charging port and the iconic Apple logo in the same position as before: near the back top center phone.

in addition, a reference price is given for this folding machine, which is priced at $1999. At that time, it will be the high-end product of today’s foldable mobile phone.

even though some apple folding machine iPhone flip rumors suggest that apple is going to adopt a slightly different strategy, the concept map seems likely to come from apple. A patent application earlier this year suggested that Apple was working on a curved hinge design, while another rumor suggested that apple used two separate display panels on the hinges. What we see in the concept map looks more like the galaxy Z flip, which is certainly a good phone, but if Apple launches its own foldable product, it may not replicate Samsung.

to be sure, even if we call the concept map the iPhone 12 flip, we’re unlikely to see this device on other iPhone 12 models this fall. It is rumored that Apple will produce four traditional looking models to leave the folding phone to future versions. At present, all we can see is the imagination of the concept designer. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia