A sudden change of situation! Neutral countries are no longer neutral. They take Huawei as an example, and Huawei’s three strong companies respond

5g, as a new generation of communication technology, has become a trendsetter in the global communication market with its ultra-high speed. Since its inception, various countries have been accelerating the deployment of 5g communication. Friends who often pay close attention to 5g also know that there are only a few manufacturers in the world that can provide 5g base stations and technologies, such as Huawei and ZTE in China, and the rest are old-fashioned telecom operators, such as Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung. < / P > < p > at present, China has won the first place in the world in terms of patents and market share by Huawei alone. It is reasonable to say that Xianghua is such an excellent telecommunications company, and will certainly get a large number of orders. After all, there are so many 5g manufacturers in the world, so it is certain that a country will choose the best. But from the beginning, the United States has launched a plot against Huawei. The United States rejected Huawei for the security risk of its communication equipment. Moreover, Huawei used this reason to call on other countries to stop Huawei. < / P > < p > people with a clear eye can see that this is an excuse. Some time ago, Huawei did a safety dissection experiment in Germany at the risk of leaking technology, which verified its absolute safety in terms of equipment. At present, under the influence of the United States, some countries have cancelled the cooperation with Huawei, but this is only limited to those countries that wear the same pants with the United States, and most countries still choose to support Huawei. However, recently, Sweden, which is the most permanent neutral country, has begun to change its wind direction. It has decided to exclude 5g equipment from Huawei and ZTE, and will dismantle these equipment in the future. However, Sweden’s move is likely to usher in the same counter-measures from China. Ericsson, a 5g telecom provider, has not been restricted in its development in China. However, Sweden’s sudden restriction on Huawei ZTE’s development at the moment may also be countered. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction