A touching short film taken by students’ mobile phones to present teachers’ Day

30 students, 30 days early preparation, 72 hours shooting, 14 days later production, teachers’ Day gift video was officially launched at 11:00 on September 10. Under the oppo campus’s call, a group of students from all over the world with different backgrounds and ages shot a short film to pay tribute to teachers’ day with oppo find x2 pro. < p > < p > focuses on the special situation of online class during the epidemic period. The teacher Wu in the film is an older teacher far away in the mountain area. In order to teach students who can’t start school, they can only use mobile phones to carry out live network teaching. The whole film revolves around the process of Mr. Wu’s search for mobile phone signals. It shows the difficulties that the preaching teacher has overcome and creates a selfless and dedicated life guide. < / P > < p > it should be emphasized that this film was shot by oppo find x2 pro. With imx689’s customized main camera, the virtual close-up in the short film is in place. The dual native ISO ensures the combination of brightness and noise control. The excellent control of dark noise also ensures a very high imaging level. < / P > < p > the film is stable in terms of color and white balance. The “flagship” main camera imx586 makes super wide angle and 1300W periscope long focus relay equipped with the second generation 10 times hybrid optical variable technology to achieve 16-160mm focal coverage. < / P > < p > for such a film with practical and commemorative significance, the accuracy of realistic scene restoration is very important, and oppo find x2 Pro adopts a three shot design of 48 million + 48 million + 13 million pixels to achieve high standard output of video shooting. < / P > < p > the advantage of using mobile phone to shoot is the great leap of portability, and its operation flexibility is higher than that of many professional equipment. This student team did not use many tall auxiliary equipment, relying on the anti shake effect of oppo find x2 pro, hand-held shooting and necessary simple props, but showed more vivid life perspective and vivid lens language. The appeal of this film is that the story expresses real social issues. In addition to the practical factors of online teaching, what’s more important is that the life guides like Mr. Wu who share knowledge and experience with others and provide help for others are around us. The lovely and respectable group of teachers is the life guide worthy of our gratitude. < / P > < p > interested friends can pay attention to @ oppo campus and @ oppo official microblog to watch this short film about online courses under the digital divide and epidemic situation. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!