A13 bionic chip, smooth ios14 system, is the iPhone 11 worth buying at this stage?

Although the price of the iPhone 11 is much cheaper than previous Apple models, it is still more expensive than many domestic flagship phones. Here, why don’t I recommend you to buy an iPhone 11 now? In fact, there are three reasons. First, in addition to the price of the iPhone 11 which is more expensive than the domestic flagship, there are two more important reasons why it is not worth buying the iPhone 11 now.

the price of 5000 yuan is a low-end product for Apple mobile phones, but it can buy a flagship machine for domestic computers.

for the same amount of RMB 5000, there are many kinds of mobile phones you can choose from among the domestic mobile phones. For example, Huawei mate30 pro, Xiaomi 10pro and even oppo vivo Meizu have many models to choose from. These phones have surpassed the iPhone 11 in many aspects. Huawei’s mate 30 5g mobile phone, for example, has a comprehensive suspension of iPhone 11 in terms of service life, network and appearance. As far as the Android OS 888 system is concerned, there are only a lot of advantages left over the Android OS 888 system.

the iPhone 11 uses Intel baseband. Compared with high school and Huawei Kirin chips, Intel baseband is a good choice. Its weakness is very obvious, that is, poor signal, for a mobile phone, poor signal is a fatal defect. The baseband of mobile phone belongs to hard injury, which can not be changed by software, so the iPhone 11 is not suitable to start with.

if you’ve used an Apple phone and you’re not willing to replace it, you can wait until the iPhone 12 is released. That’s because the iPhone 12 has reached a cooperation with Qualcomm, and will use the baseband of Qualcomm in the future, so the signal problem will be effectively solved. Moreover, the iPhone 12 fully supports 5g network, and the Internet experience will be better.

in addition, if the iPhone 12 is released, the price of the iPhone 11 will certainly be adjusted, and the price will be more attractive than it is now. And it’s only a month or two before the release of the iPhone 12. You can wait until the release of the iPhone 12 to consider whether to start with the iPhone 11.

actually, I don’t recommend you to buy the iPhone 11 now. One of the most important reasons is that there are too many “slot points” in the configuration of this phone.

first of all, the appearance of iPhone 11 is still unchanged for thousands of years. I believe that many people have aesthetic fatigue on this appearance. Compared with the endless appearance design of domestic machines, the iPhone 11 looks like a mobile phone of the last century. Mobile phone is the mobile phone.

make complaints about the long distance service. The most important thing that Apple phone has been tucking up is mobile phone. This includes two aspects: the battery capacity is too small and the charging speed is too slow. Compared with the previous generation, the iPhone 11 has not changed much in terms of battery life, and it is still at the level of having to bring a charger when you go out. Especially in the mobile phone charging power, compared with the domestic mobile phone, the iPhone 11 has been several generations behind.

Finally, there are many other aspects that iPhone 11 does not do well. For example, this mobile phone does not support 5g network, and its photographing function is not as diversified as that of domestic flagship phones.

conclusion: Although the iPhone 11 has a super powerful A13 processor, it also has a smooth and non stuck IOS system. But for now, the iPhone 11 is not good enough in terms of network signal, price, battery life and other aspects, which users attach great importance to. So to sum up, it is not suitable to start with iPhone 11 at present. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia