A7c more news revealed: support 4K 30p, set price of 2300 euro

Overseas media disclosed that Sony a7c and a7ii have almost the same hardware specifications. Among them, the automatic focusing algorithm of a7c is the algorithm of a7siii, and the video specification supports 4K 30p. The a7c camera body is slightly larger than the A6600. The source also said that the a7c is the most beautiful e-bayonet reflector free camera to date, with a compact travel zoom lens set priced at 2300 euros. < p > < p > currently disclosed Sony a7c specifications: · Sony may release a new & quot; Sony a7c & quot; in mid September; Entry level full frame camera; · 24 megapixel sensor similar to Sony a7ii specifications; · it has the same rotating folding screen as a7siii; · autofocus algorithm is the algorithm in a7siii; · video specification supports 4K 30p; · will be sold for Vlogger and Youtubers; · battery is np-fz100; · with type-C interface; · single SD card slot; · Wi Fi The price of Bluetooth will be higher than that of a7iii. A new lens series will be announced, and the compact lens will be coded as & quot; V & quot;. The first lens will be a compact travel zoom lens. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year