Abe meets with commander of us space command, Japan and us will strengthen space cooperation

Kyodo News Agency reported on August 27 that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held talks with Raymond, commander of the U.S. space command, at his official residence on August 27. Both sides confirmed that Japan and the United States will promote cooperation in space to enhance deterrence. According to the Ministry of foreign affairs, this is the first visit by a cadre to Japan since the establishment of the US space force in December last year. At the meeting, Abe pointed out: “the new outbreak has led to increased uncertainty in the international community, and the importance of the Japan US alliance has risen.” “We think Japan is the most important partner in space cooperation,” Raymond said Defense Minister Taro Kono also met with Raymond individually. Before the talks, Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Suzuki Xinyou also held talks with Raymond in Tokyo. Suzuki pointed out that “the importance of the Japan US alliance in space has increased.”. Raymond responded that “we look forward to future cooperation between Japan and the United States.”. Japan’s space policy minister naoichi Takemoto also met with Raymond. Raymond visited Japan to attend the comprehensive dialogue in the space field held by the Japanese and American governments on the 26th. In a series of talks, the cooperation between the US side and the Japan Aviation self defense force “cosmic corps” established in May this year also seems to be an issue. Science Discovery