Academician Ni Guangnan repeatedly stressed that enterprises should put down their gratitude and resentment and support domestic operating systems

Recently, Microsoft’s “exemption” news once again aroused widespread concern. Later, Microsoft denied this, believing that it was a rumor and would unswervingly provide services to Chinese users. However, it is necessary for us to remain vigilant in view of the increasingly wide range of US attacks. As a matter of fact, some people of insight in China have been calling for China to have its own operating system in addition to developing chips, and the development of operating system is even more urgent. The author once had a face-to-face communication with Academician Ni Guangnan. He suggested that China should solve the problems of operating system from the top-level design, and give full play to China’s advantages of concentrating on major events. At that time, he said that almost all the leading companies in the global market value have their own operating systems, which shows the importance of operating systems. < / P > < p > many people may say, is the operating system that easy? With the exception of the United States, there are few successful cases. Samsung has invested in the operating system, but it has not been successful. But China is different from other countries. Academician Ni Guangnan believes that China’s operating system has advantages that other countries do not have, because China has the world’s largest consumer market, which provides the basis for the survival and growth of the operating system. In terms of mobile phone industry, four of the world’s top six mobile phone manufacturers are from China, namely Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo and oppo. Of course, China has not only the world’s leading mobile phone companies, but also the world’s largest consumer market. According to IDC, a market research organization, in 2019, China’s smartphone shipments will reach 370 million. Such a huge market, such a huge user scale, is conducive to the survival of mobile phone operating system. Of course, academician Ni Guangnan also mentioned that Chinese enterprises need to unite in order to develop their own operating systems. This is a crux, a stubborn disease. In the mobile phone industry, although there are many mobile phone companies, they are not united internally. Some enterprises even target their compatriots and launch fierce artillery attacks. This makes people worry that such a pattern will destroy the soil on which Chinese operating systems grow.

despite the operating system’s development, it has the final say in the market. However, the author agrees with Academician Ni Guangnan that in terms of operating system, China needs top-level design to gather all kinds of forces to make ecological progress. This is not only a matter for the mobile phone industry, but also requires more enterprises in the fields of technology and Internet to actively contribute to the development of China’s operating system. < p > < p > Chinese enterprises have little technical problems in operating systems, and the key lies in ecology. For example, Huawei’s Hongmeng system is commendable in technology. It is a distributed operating system based on micro kernel and full scene, and can be used in mobile phones, PCs, tablets, smart screens, wearable devices, smart cars, etc. Hongmeng has the ability that other operating systems do not have. However, any ecology needs a growth process. If Chinese enterprises start operating systems late, they need the active cooperation of national enterprises. If the Internet companies put on a pair of “it’s none of their own business, hang up high” indifferent mentality, it is lack of overall view. < / P > < p > technology has no borders, that’s fake. Today, the United States is trying to prevent China’s science and technology from becoming stronger. In addition to attacking Huawei and Hikvision, the United States has recently focused on Tik tok and wechat. As a result, the boundaries of science and technology are becoming more and more obvious. In the future, Chinese enterprises will be a community of interests. Only by working together can they remain invincible in the changeable market. Therefore, Chinese enterprises must recognize the reality, put down the gratitude and resentment, and suppress the “internal fighting” factor. At the same time, we must abandon our illusions and rely on ourselves to make up for the loopholes and shortcomings. We have this ability. Xu Shangfeng= target=_ blank>Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year