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The latest if data of 2019-2020 has been released. If you have any needs or problems on the journal system, you are welcome to the advantages of the upgraded version of

partition table (Trial): first, the theme system at the paper level can not only reflect the interdisciplinary characteristics, but also accurately reveal the multidisciplinary nature of the journal papers; second, the “Journal beyond index” is used to replace the impact factor index to solve the problem The influence of mathematical property defect of response factor on evaluation results. On the whole, the upgraded partition table (Trial) breaks through the bottleneck problems such as the construction of subject system and the selection of evaluation indicators in journal evaluation, which can reveal the influence of academic journals more comprehensively and provide solutions for “eliminating the four only” in scientific research evaluation. The related research results have been recognized by international peers and published in important international journals in the field of scientometrics.

Social Sciences Citation Database (SSCI) journals have been included in the evaluation for the first time in the “updated edition of periodical partition table of Chinese Academy of Sciences Literature and Information Center (Trial)”. The upgraded partition table (Trial) sets up 18 major disciplines including natural science and social science. The basic version and the upgraded version (Trial) will coexist for three years. It is speculated that universities and scientific research institutes may still take the basic version as the assessment reference standard during this period.

hints: the WeChat official account of the Chinese Academy of Sciences WeChat fenqubiao provides only the basic version of data query, and no updated data.

received: 22 April 2020; accepted: 18 may 2020; published: 22 May 2020. It can be said that this journal is quite fast. Three reviewers of the overhaul put forward 30 comments and gave one week to revise it. After that, Xiao Xiu put forward some suggestions, and every step was very quick. There was no delay after the employment. The proofreader put forward some suggestions on the format and published it directly. The 19-year periodical should be divided into three areas. It is a good cost-effective choice for us master students or doctoral students who lack thesis.

one and a half months after the first trial and half a month after the second trial. In order to graduate, I specially select journals that are quick to review manuscripts. I have been waiting for a month and a half for the first round of peer review. I knew that I had submitted better journals for such a long time. The level of reviewers is good, but generally speaking, it is uneven and hard to say. Of course, there are reviewers with insufficient level in every journal. It’s bad luck to meet them. If you need to graduate, you can try, most of the manuscript review should be very fast. The impact factor of this journal in 2019 should be more than 2.1, so the next year is still relatively safe.

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Author: zmhuaxia