Accelerate the implementation of a number of policies, focus on cultivating and expanding new consumption

Since the second half of this year, a number of new policies have been implemented. Relevant departments have made it clear that they will accelerate the in-depth integration of the Internet and various consumer formats, and promote the high-quality development of new consumer industries such as smart retail and online education. Many places have also intensively issued action plans for the cultivation and development of new consumption, cultivated new consumption upgrading points, and encouraged the development of new consumption modes such as live broadcast e-commerce, so as to promote consumption replenishment and release consumption potential. < / P > < p > speeding up the development of new consumer formats is becoming an important driving force for multiple departments in the second half of the year. Recently, the national teleconference of responsible comrades from the competent departments of industry and information technology clearly focused on expanding effective demand, accelerating the development of new consumer formats, and promoting the deep integration of Internet and various consumer formats. Ning Jizhe, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, recently said that in order to better expand the basic role of consumption in economic growth, China will accelerate the high-quality development of new consumption such as smart retail and online education in the second half of the year, and promote the transformation and upgrading of automobile and home appliance consumption. < / P > < p > in terms of specific new consumption formats, 4K / 8K ultra high definition, “5g +”, “intelligent +”, medium and high-end digital products have become the focus of cultivation. The Ministry of industry and information technology recently announced new information consumption demonstration projects in 2020, with 100 projects selected, including 5g + smart education, 5g + 8K ultra high definition terminal equipment, smart home ecosystem, etc. < p > < p > recently, Sichuan printed and issued a plan to cultivate and expand new consumption and upgrade consumption. By 2022, the scale of information consumption will exceed 600 billion yuan, and the online retail sales will exceed 650 billion yuan. Focus on 4K / 8K ultra high definition, intelligent robots, wearable devices, digital home products and other fields to increase the supply of new information products. Beijing will foster a new mode of “Internet plus” consumption, implement 4K into community projects, and promote more than 300 thousand 4K super HD set-top boxes into the community. < / P > < p > at the same time, accelerate the popularization and application of new consumption scenarios represented by live e-commerce, “cloud shopping” and “cloud shopping” in many places, build a number of online and offline information consumption experience centers, and guide the intelligent transformation of retail enterprises. < p > < p > ZHU Keli, executive director of the National Research Institute of new economy, said that new consumption scenarios such as live delivery and “cloud shopping” have profoundly changed the traditional business model, which is a vivid embodiment of the new economy enabling traditional industries. An organic ecological chain is formed on the “cloud” and under the “cloud”. Precision marketing based on big data improves the efficiency and benefit, so that all nodes of the consumption closed-loop have the opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Privacy Policy