Acer swift 53 laptop released: equipped with 11th generation Intel Core Processor

It home on September 3, Acer announced that it would update its lightweight notebook series swift 5 and swift 3, equipped with Intel’s latest 11th generation core mobile processor and iris Xe graphics card. Swift 5 will also become one of the first batch of notebook computers meeting the requirements of Intel Evo platform. Swift 3 will offer two screen sizes, but is still adjusting to meet Evo requirements. < p > < p > verified by Intel Evo, laptops will meet specific “key experience indicators”, including stable battery response, less than 1 second of system wake-up time from sleep, actual battery life of more than 9 hours on systems equipped with FHD display, and 30 minutes on systems equipped with full HD display Hours of battery life. < p > < p > Acer said the 14 inch swift 5 met these key targets, weighed just over 1 kg, covered 100% of sRGB color space, had a maximum brightness of 340 nits, and used antibacterial Corning gorilla glass. The latter will also provide two full screen resolutions for the Intel < 503.5-inch CPU and the Acer < 13.5-inch display. < p > < p > Acer swift 5 is expected to go public in November with a starting price of $1000, according to it home. Two versions of swift 3 are also expected to ship in November, starting at $700 for 14 inches and $800 for 13.5 inches. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list