Activating the market of household projection

“Moving the cinema home” was the dream of many families. From color TV to LCD TV, from laser TV to smart big screen, the pursuit of audio-visual is constantly upgrading. Now, consumers have a new choice – home projector. One click picture correction, AI voice on demand, immersive viewing experience The portable and intelligent home projector is entering the living room of more and more consumers, which will bring about an audio-visual revolution.

From “watching TV” to “watching projection”, behind the renovation of audio-visual variety is surging consumer demand. For China’s consumer groups, TV products with larger screen, higher definition and more gorgeous are not new. Whether they can watch 4K blockbusters, play somatosensory games, whether it’s convenient for online classes, learning fitness, whether it’s portable and easy to use are the functions they care more about. The “black technology”, represented by home projector, meets the increasing multi-level, diversified and personalized consumption needs of users, and thus becomes popular. According to the data, in the first half of 2020 alone, China’s projector shipment exceeded 1.68 million units, and the annual sales reached about 3.7 million units. Among them, the domestic projector market grew rapidly, accounting for more than 70% of the total projector market. The vitality of new consumption is making high-quality products fly into ordinary people’s homes to meet people’s growing needs for a better life.

New consumer demand is also inseparable from the guidance of high-quality supply. From cable TV to Internet TV, from spherical screen to flat screen, from display device to wearable device For decades, because of the power of science and technology, the same TV can become a new choice. From screen to no screen, from one-way to interaction, what changes is physical entity, what surmounts is technical difficulty, what produces is innovative product, what inspires is consumer demand. The change of technology makes video more vivid and colorful, and also makes the change of a better life more perceptible.

But when we applaud the new consumption trend of home projector, we should not ignore the old problems of audio-visual service market. How to regulate open screen advertising? Is the video charge reasonable? Is “youth mode” really youth friendly? All kinds of new phenomena need to be followed up by the rules in time to help the industry make up for the shortcomings and improve in the changes. The vertical and detailed management can not only reflect the governance temperature of service-oriented government, but also activate a pool of spring water in the home projection market, and standardize the stable and long-term development of the industry.

A high-quality home projector or a computer with specific functions, optical and mechanical chip is the center of this special computer. We should be soberly aware that China’s projector industry is still facing a lot of “neck sticking” technical difficulties. How to break through the chip research and development problems, get rid of the embarrassing situation of the core technology being controlled by others, catch up with the first mover advantages of foreign brands, and realize the full Autonomous Localization of chips, algorithms and optical machinery? These problems are worth Chinese enterprises to continue to work hard. At present, the phenomenon of “housing economy” which has been spawned by the epidemic has added a lot of fire to the market of household projectors, but there are many sales bubbles caused by low quality and low quality products. Whether this hot momentum can be sustained depends on whether domestic brands have long-term strategies and constantly lead consumer demand through technological innovation.

It can be expected that the progress of 5g will push the accelerator button for home audio-visual, AI technology will help more convenient intelligent interactive applications, domestic brands will continue to develop better business service mode, and the establishment and improvement of industry norms will also protect the healthy growth of the new industry. A variety of internal and external factors are conducive to cultivating new growth points of consumption and further activating the market potential of domestic demand.

Equipment iteration will not stop, and consumption upgrading will not stop. In the future, the world of consumer audio-visual will be brilliant.

(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, LV Qian)