After 5-year-old fruit powder was changed to Huawei P40 pro, 30 days later, it was wrong!

As a senior digital enthusiast, I have also used several iPhone products, Every generation of Apple products can always surprise me from the second-hand iPhone 4S to the current iPhone 11, but last year’s iPhone 11 was still in a bad state. After all, Android phones support super zoom and super fast charging, while Apple phones still stay in the 5W charger stage. This really makes people hate iron but not steel. After seeing Huawei P40 pro’s top photography strength, the author also switched to this mobile phone. Today, I’d like to talk about my real machine experience! < / P > < p > as a five-year-old fruit powder, I still know enough about the iPhone. After using Huawei P40 Pro for 5-year-old fruit powder, 30 days later, I mistook it! Previously, I always thought that Huawei’s mobile phone system was not as good as Apple’s IOS, but after some practical operation, I found that Android phones have done a good job in terms of fluency, especially when it supports a 90 Hz refresh rate, which can make up for the lack of system loading speed to a certain extent Pro’s image transition is very smooth, even in the face of the iPhone 11 is effortless, in terms of appearance, Huawei P40 Pro back cover Ag glass material really let me shine! < p > < p > a few years ago, we all agreed that Apple mobile phones are the best to look at, and the handle and quality control are all ahead of the industry. But now we look at Huawei P40 Pro has narrowed the gap, and even surpassed Huawei in some details. It has the strongest IP68 waterproof grade in the industry, and has added four curved glass fuselage design. The proportion of front screen is far higher than that of iPhone 11. The stability of screen fingerprint identification is also very good. The color of 6.58 inch OLED four curved surface screen is bright and transparent, and the screen image quality is higher than that of iPhone 11. However, there is still a gap between Huawei’s P40 pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max in terms of screen quality. After all, they have 2K screens! < / P > < p > maybe you are perfectionist. At the beginning, it was a little unbearable for Liu Haiping’s iPhone 11. However, the double digging design of Huawei P40 Pro is not beautiful, mainly because the opening position is too large, and there will be some obstacles when playing games! I’ve heard people say that the performance of Android phones is far inferior to Apple’s iPhone, but I changed my mind after using this Huawei P40 pro. It seems that Huawei’s mobile phone has been wrongly blamed before. In fact, the strength of this Kirin 9905g chip is strong enough. The independent NPU brings powerful AI computing power. The more you use emui10 system, the more you understand your rhythm. Huawei P40 Pro has also done a lot of game adaptation work. < / P > < p > the biggest improvement is that the mobile phone takes pictures. Huawei P40 Pro is equipped with 50 million pixel super sensing lens, which is the largest CMOS so far, and uses Sony customized lens. After supporting super zoom and super night scene algorithm, Huawei P40 Pro also won the first place in doxmark. In terms of standby time, Huawei P40 Pro supports 40W fast charging and 4200 Ma large capacity battery, which not only surpasses the iPhone in terms of endurance, but also improves the fast charging speed! As a senior 5-year-old fruit powder, after switching to Huawei P40 pro, 30 days later, it seems that Huawei has been wrongly blamed. In fact, domestic mobile phones are also very good. Do you agree? gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?