After 7 years of Android users, they changed to iPhone 11 and downloaded the mobile phone manager. The reason is that people can’t laugh or cry

Today, a friend of mine who has been using Android for seven years changed to an iPhone 11. As a result, this guy did something that made me laugh and cry. The first thing he did was to download the “cell phone manager”. 360 and Tencent downloaded both.

downloaded for several minutes, and make complaints about how to interface with Android? Can’t display the network speed, can’t clean up the memory, also asked me how to do if the memory is insufficient? So suddenly, I was asked. In the early years, I also used the Android, and it was the first thing to download the mobile phone manager when I got the mobile phone, so I can understand the feelings of this friend.

for a while, I didn’t know how to answer him. I could only tell him that few people in IOS system would download these anti-virus software, which is useless. It seems that IOS system has never heard of “poisoning”. As for the speed of the Internet, there is no way. It seems that only prison break can show the network speed.

for the memory problem, IOS background mechanism is different from Android. It is pseudo background, so there is no need to clean up memory or worry about insufficient memory. Do not know now everybody gets new mobile phone, still have the habit of installing antivirus software?

Author: zmhuaxia