After 8 years of anti-cancer, he became a “match man”. After his optimistic comeback, he only had 251 fans on the video platform

He used to be a gold supporting role in Zhou Xingchi’s films, a frequent visitor of TVB, and the actor of song Shijie, the king of state in many audiences’ childhood memories. Unfortunately, he was envious of talents. A serious illness made him disappear from the audience’s view. < p > < p > if we just look at this name, we may not be able to recall the memory of Zhang Daming in the audience’s mind, but he is really a talent in the Hong Kong performing arts industry. In his early years, most of the supporting roles created by Zhang Daming in the major films can be dazzling. < p > < p > Zhang Daming’s acting career started with a long story, and gradually grew from some small roles with no point of view to an impressive gold supporting role in later film and television works. < p > < p > some people have commented on Zhang Daming, a supporting role who has cooperated with famous stars such as Zeng Zhiwei, Liu Dehua, Liang Chaowei, Wu Mengda, Wu Zhenyu and Zhou Xingchi. How can it be simple? < / P > < p > but if you think that Zhang Daming is just an actor who won the golden statue award for best supporting actor, that’s a big mistake. Zhang Daming’s talent is far more than just shown on the screen. < p > < p > making movies, acting on TV, stage plays, dubbing, screenwriter, program host, bestseller writer, producer, all of which are Zhang Daming’s identity. In addition, Zhang Daming has won more than the golden statue award for best male partner. Zhang Daming has won relevant awards in various fields he has been involved in. < / P > < p > why such a talented supporting actor and excellent screenwriter will disappear from the memory of the audience for many years. The main culprit is the cancer that nearly took his life. < p > < p > his hair is falling off, his cheeks are sunken, and his face is haggard. Zhang Daming, who used to watch his vigor and love to dance in the circle, was once weak and became an image of “match man”, and gradually lost his voice. < / P > < p > for a long time, Zhang Daming had the symptoms of platinum poisoning, which made his condition worse. It can be said that his feet had stepped into the hell’s gate for a time. He also claimed that he had already selected the urn. < p > < p > in order to cure his illness, Zhang Daming spent all his savings for many years and almost dissipated his family wealth. Under such circumstances, his wife, he Nianci, has been taking good care of him. The husband and wife have known and loved each other for many years, but it is because of this fetter that Zhang Daming, knowing that his life is on the verge of death, reluctantly parted and offered to divorce his wife. After Zhang Daming fell ill, his friends in the circle visited him in turn. Zhou Runfa once took Zhang Daming to mountain climbing to encourage him to adhere to anti-cancer activities. With the encouragement of others, Zhang Daming became a famous “anti-cancer star”. < p > < p > in the past two years, Zhang Daming’s condition has been under control. After eight years of anti-cancer, his body is gradually recovering. In an interview, he said his painful experience during the treatment with a smile. His suffering turned into a smile on his face, which moved countless fans and audiences. < / P > < p > Zhang Daming, who has gradually recovered, has gradually begun to return in the past two years, and has also acted in the past two years. At that time, in order to promote the new drama, Zhang Daming also opened his own account on the short video platform. It’s a pity that Zhang Daming didn’t get much attention after his comeback. Now, on a short video platform, he has only 251 fans and almost no praise. In fact, Zhang Daming’s comeback has not aroused much concern among netizens, most of them stay in his anti-cancer spirit of optimist. The wonderful performance in < / P > < p > enabled Zhang Daming to win the golden statue award for best supporting actor, which is undoubtedly the biggest affirmation of his many years of film career, and has become his “zero breakthrough” in the film industry awards. Although Zhang Daming has won many awards in other fields, the best supporting actor of this gold medal award has proved his strength as a supporting actor in gold medal. Zhang Daming, who is 56 years old now, looks older than his peers. The ups and downs of his half life also remind people of a sentence: “although there are dark clouds in the sky, there will always be the sun shining on them.” Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia