After abandoning Huawei, the UK is facing unexpected problems. Is the loss of 10 billion capital only secondary?

As we all know, Huawei’s accomplishments in 5g have made China ahead of the world, and this 5g lead is also the first time that China has surpassed European and American countries in this core technology. Therefore, Huawei’s every move has attracted much attention. From its leading position last year to being forced to suppress later, Huawei’s situation has been ups and downs, which worries many people. < p > < p > < p > last year, Huawei took the lead over Ericsson and Nokia in terms of 5g contract orders and patents. However, after this year, Huawei’s performance has been reversed by Ericsson. At present, Ericsson’s orders have reached 100, but Huawei has not been updated. At the same time, Huawei received bad news at the beginning of this year. At the beginning of the year, the UK, which has cooperated with Huawei for nearly 20 years, suddenly made a final decision, saying that it would ban Huawei and dismantle Huawei’s equipment in the next few years. This approach makes it clear that they want to leave Huawei completely and choose other suppliers. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the UK’s attitude towards Huawei was not as firm as it is now as early as last year. On the contrary, it said that it would selectively accept Huawei, that is to say, it would give up Huawei in the core parts and choose Huawei for the parts that can not touch the core. In fact, Huawei can accept this situation. But after only half a year, Britain began to change its attitude, which is a bit unacceptable. < / P > < p > first of all, it is worth affirming that Huawei’s 5g technology is undoubtedly very excellent compared with Nokia and Ericsson. At the same time, in terms of the number of 5g patents, Huawei is also ahead of several other major enterprises, and is firmly in the first place. Therefore, the real strength of Huawei 5g can be imagined. In addition, Huawei’s base station shipment in Q1 of this year surpassed Ericsson and became the world’s first. Therefore, it is not because of technical problems that the UK abandoned Huawei. < / P > < p > there is another way of saying why Huawei should be abandoned. As we all know, due to the deepening restrictions in the United States this year, Huawei Hisilicon chips cannot be manufactured, and Hisilicon Tiangang chips are Huawei’s base station chips. The UK may also have made this decision because it is worried that Huawei will not be able to supply base station chips smoothly in the future, which will hinder the development of 5g in the UK. < p > < p > of course, as Huawei’s self-developed base station chip, Tiangang can not be affected by the U.S. rules for the time being, so this speculation was later denied. However, no matter what the final choice is, the UK’s abandonment of Huawei 5g will be seriously affected, including not only the delay of 5g construction speed, slow progress and poor network speed, but also other serious unexpected problems, namely the emergency network service. < / P > < p > according to relevant information, after the UK abandoned Huawei 5g network, the emergency network service that should have been completed in 2022 has been delayed for five years, and the cost has also increased by about 3 billion pounds, about 27 billion yuan, a full increase of 50%. In fact, the loss of 10 billion funds is secondary. The main reason is that the slow progress of the emergency network is the existence that has the most impact on the local development of the UK. At the same time, it is also an unexpected problem in the UK after the “breakup” with Huawei. In fact, all kinds of situations show that Huawei has not been greatly affected by the UK’s abandonment of Huawei 5g. On the contrary, the UK’s 5g construction has the greatest impact. Not only is the time lag behind, but also the cost is increasing, which can be called “all harm and no profit”. The advent of the 5g era not only brings Huawei the rise, but also brings many challenges to Huawei. This may be a necessary step to become an international giant. Phoenix can only know the significance of rebirth only after experiencing nirvana. Therefore, as long as Huawei has experienced this setback, Huawei will surely become a worthy International giant. Skip to content