After all, it’s true feelings! TSMC makes every effort to help Huawei complete its “out of print flagship”

Many “pollens” are excited about the upcoming release of Huawei’s mate40 series this year. Users who often pay close attention to the mobile phone industry are also looking forward to the performance of this domestic flagship and the “battle” between iPhone 12 and Huawei mate 40 series this year. However, there is also a pity to be expected, because Huawei’s chip business has been severely sanctioned after last year, and Trump’s precision attack has hit the heart of hyskirin, that is, the defects in chip manufacturing in China. At the same time, Huawei is in a situation of no core availability, because few companies can ship high-end flagship chips to Huawei without the consent of the United States. In fact, Huawei’s situation is also a microcosm of the domestic chip industry. The development of China’s chip industry is not good. Not only did it start late, but many things happened before also led to China’s fear of investment in chips. In addition, it did not pay attention to self-research technology at that time, so it is now in a passive and backward situation. The emergence of Huawei Hisilicon just broke the dominant position of the United States in the field of mobile chips. After more than ten years of precipitation and development, Huawei’s Hisilicon has made this achievement. I thought this was the beginning of the development of domestic chips, but I didn’t expect that Huawei’s previous efforts would be wasted because of the defects in chip manufacturing in China. I already have the technology of chip design, but I don’t have the level of making chip, so the situation is quite embarrassing. < p > < p > in fact, Huawei’s self-research capability is sufficient. Not only does Huawei have Hisilicon chips, but also Huawei knows how to combine software and hardware. Therefore, in addition to Kirin and Baron chips, Huawei also has ark compiler, erofs, HMS, etc., which are the achievements of Huawei’s hard research and development. But now, this distinctive development path has been blocked. TSMC’s helpless power cut also makes Kirin 9000 the last generation of Huawei’s flagship chip. At the TSMC conference, Liu Deyin had no choice but to say that on September 15, TSMC would officially cut off its supply to Huawei and had to stop receiving chip orders from Huawei. However, TSMC has shown its “true feelings” to Huawei. Not only does TSMC move its production capacity at the first time when the rules are revised, it also asks relevant departments to look for some “loopholes” in the restrictions of the rules, so as to supply Huawei with other products. Whether it is 5nm or 7Nm chips, TSMC is working overtime. < / P > < p > nowadays, most of the news about Kirin 9000 is out. Thanks to the achievements of 5nm chip technology, the performance and power consumption of Kirin 9000 have been significantly improved and changed. In addition, the latest A78 architecture and the density design of transistors will become the highlight of this year’s Kirin 9000. All these advantages are given to Huawei by TSMC. Therefore, TSMC has done its best to help Huawei complete its “out of print flagship”. < p > < p > at present, Huawei’s mate40 series has been connected to the network and is ready to go. In fact, both internal performance and exterior design can reflect Huawei’s mate40 innovation. Unfortunately, this year’s mate40 series may be the most difficult Mate Series Huawei can buy in recent years. After all, the chip reserve is limited, and many people want to buy a collection. Kirin 9000 is also coming. It is expected to be released at the IFA conference early next month, becoming the first 5nm chip to be released in the world. TSMC plays an important role in this process. < p > < p > the forced suspension of Qilin 9000 also made Huawei and Yu Chengdong reluctant. Although Huawei still released a new product matebook, it was hard to hide Yu Chengdong’s loss. For Huawei, Hisilicon not only represents its core competitiveness, but also the technological crystallization of its hard work for many years. It is more like a “child” of its own. Therefore, it is hoped that domestic semiconductor enterprises can help Huawei in the future, help Huawei break through the difficulties in the future, and let Kirin chip “Nirvana reborn”. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing