After asking 10 people, only one person wanted to buy Apple iPhone 12. After knowing the reason, I figured out one thing

People who hold the iPhone 6S say that this year’s iPhone 12 series is a bit attractive, but the budget in their pocket is still insufficient. Some people who hold the iPhone 11 Pro Max think that the desire to change the phone this year is completely gone. After all, the iPhone 11 Pro Max continues to work and performs well. < / P > < p > of course, in addition to these people, there are also some iPhone 8p users who give their opinions. In a word, different people will come to different conclusions when they look at the iPhone 12 series from different perspectives. < / P > < p > therefore, based on such a situation, I asked 10 people in the office randomly today out of curiosity. In the end, I found out that only one person was going to buy the Apple iPhone 12, and the rest had no plans. < / P > < p > in order to let you know more clearly, I would like to summarize the reasons for those who did not intend to start with: for example, the iPhone X in hand can continue to “fight” and is not broken. It would be a bit of a failure to replace the iPhone 12. For another example, except that the iPhone 8p does not support 5g network, other aspects of its performance can meet the daily needs, so if the iPhone 8p is not bad, it will not buy a new apple machine. For the person who wants to buy Apple’s iPhone 12, her reason is very direct: the iPhone 6S has been used for many years, and it can’t be replaced. Apart from this factor, she had no other reason. < / P > < p > in other words, behind the plan of this colleague to start with the iPhone 12, he simply felt that his iPhone 6S was “old” and should be replaced; it was not because of the attractiveness of the hardware configuration and appearance design of the iPhone 12. Frankly speaking, compared with her, I think a lot of people are “not distracted”. < / P > < p > however, after asking 10 people, only one person wanted to buy Apple’s iPhone 12. After knowing the reason, I also wanted to figure out one thing: iPhone 6S users are more likely to start iphone12 series models, and they have no too many reasons to find “excuses” for their new phones. If you don’t want to buy it, you can buy it with water. In fact, I admire such consumers. On the one hand, the iPhone 6S is really an old model among the old models. In terms of performance, appearance or other places, it can not be compared with Apple’s new iPhone. On the other hand, it is a fact that we can not meet our actual needs. So buying the iPhone 12 instead of the iPhone 6S is an expression of real emotion. < / P > < p > judging from the above perspective, it also reflects that the different positioning of Apple iPhone 12 series models is correct. Furthermore, the iPhone 12 Mini can meet the needs of small screen enthusiasts, while the iPhone 12 can “eliminate” some “nail holders”. The iPhone 12 Pro Series will continue to maintain the market position of Apple’s high-end models. < p > < p > therefore, I think Apple has a deep understanding of the needs of consumers in the market, and iPhone 6S users in the market also give Apple “face”. They don’t think the iPhone in their hands can still be used, or even use Apple’s second 5g iPhone. After all, this is not in line with the actual situation. < / P > < p > on the whole, with the advent of the iPhone 12 series, there will be a round of shuffling for the iPhone user group, and the people holding 6S will be the first part. In addition, after consulting 10 people, 5g is not the key for some people to buy the iPhone 12 series. Obviously, this phenomenon is more interesting. Science Discovery