After decades of searching for extraterrestrials, the U.S. celestial eye has encountered unexpected accidents and sent a large number of human information to space

According to Russia on November 10, the University of Central Florida said in a recent statement that the Arecibo Observatory, which is under its management, was once again severely damaged by an accident on November 6, local time. A cable used to secure the antenna of the radio telescope in the observatory broke suddenly for unknown reasons and subsequently damaged the antenna reflector and other cables, the statement said. It is reported that this is also the third accident at Arecibo Observatory this year. < / P > < p > prior to this, the observatory had been suspended due to earthquakes and the same cable rupture. “It’s certainly not what we want to see, but it’s important that no one is injured,” said Francisco Cordova, director of the observatory Before China’s “500m aperture spherical radio telescope” was officially put into operation, the Arecibo Observatory, which was completed in 1963, is also known as “the eye of the United States”. In 1974, American astrophysicists Russell herser and Joseph Taylor Jr. discovered the first binary pulsar with this “American eye” and won the Nobel Prize in physics. < p > < p > and in the days that followed, Arecibo also made outstanding contributions in research fields such as the exploration of extraterrestrial civilizations. Also in 1974, scientists used the telescope to send binary coded messages containing basic human information to M13 cluster, 25000 light-years away, in an attempt to establish ties with alien civilizations. However, with the passage of time, the observatory, which has operated for 57 years so far, has also begun to face more and more frequent accidents and failures in recent years. Although engineers are trying to identify the causes of these accidents and begin to develop a series of maintenance plans. However, due to the large size and complex structure of Arecibo Observatory itself, it is still difficult to carry out relevant work immediately. Privacy Policy