After five years in the army, he photographed the trivial things in the army life

Mi photographers can not see Yuanwang is one, he shared a group of photos he took in the army on the platform. From the perspective of a soldier who has lived in the army for five years, he recorded those boring times. These photos look obscure, and from the pictures of objects that are not noticed, we can see a kind of emptiness in his heart. The following is a self-report of the photographer. Before I retired from the army, I took a lot of pictures with Fuji, but my friends who were soldiers must understand why I sent them like this. It’s true that I have a lot of interesting photos, but these memories can’t be released. Due to the military reform, I sent six groups of veterans, because the first group, I was a new recruit, the second group I was on guard, and the fourth group of soldiers in the same year were transferred to sergeants. On the day of my discharge from the army, my successor was carrying a bag with me and another successor was carrying a suitcase. No one sent me, and I was not prepared to ask anyone to send it. Because in many people’s minds, I have become a symbol. < / P > < p > when I was in the army, I loved photography, because everyone was very happy and natural in front of the camera. Ten months after I came back, I felt that the camera had become a life, and I had to choose a professional to struggle to grow up. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia