After four years of using Huawei mate9 and iPhone 7, who has the more cards? The answer of netizen is very real!

In the domestic high-end mobile phone market, apple and Huawei have been equally divided, and these two brands are usually discussed by everyone. Huawei’s rise in the high-end market was in the era of Huawei mate 9 four years ago. At that time, Yu Chengdong said at the press conference that Huawei mate 9 was twice as fast as Samsung S7 before aging, and about 3.8 times faster than Samsung S7 after aging.

compared with Huawei mate 9’s narrow frame large screen and Leica dual camera module, the appearance of the iPhone 7 is much worse than that of Huawei mate 9’s narrow frame large screen and Leica dual camera module. So the question is, these two mobile phones have been released for nearly four years. Who is more stuck after four years? The answer of netizen is very true!

first of all, let’s talk about the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 was once my main machine. It was used by my wife two years ago, and it took nearly four years. Most of the people who have used the iPhone 7 give the same view. The iPhone 7 is still not stuck at all, even after upgrading the IOS 13, it is smooth and smooth.

due to the underlying mechanism of IOS, the IOS system gives priority to touch and animation, so there is no frame drop or no follow-up on Android on iPhone 7. Compared with the iPhone XR in my hand, the iPhone 7 is only slower when opening the software, and it is more serious to kill the background, but once opened, it becomes smooth and smooth.

but the iPhone 7’s battery life is really too insipid. I only have 82% of my iPhone 7 battery health, and it needs at least three charges a day, which is only under moderate use. In addition, the fever of iPhone 7 is also relatively serious. Even if you don’t play games, just open the software frequently. As soon as the CPU load comes up, you can obviously feel the heat on the top of the back shell.

in terms of processor, Huawei’s Qilin 960 of mate9 has some differences compared with Apple’s a10. However, due to Huawei’s in-depth optimization of mate9 at that time, it was easy to do without jamming in 18 months. In terms of system maintenance, Huawei mate 9 has stopped to upgrade emui9.1 and cannot upgrade emui10. On the contrary, iPhone 7 can upgrade not only IOS 13, but also IOS 14 in the future. The official did not give up the maintenance of old equipment, which Huawei lost.

in terms of fluency, Huawei mate 9, which has been upgraded to emui9.1, is still on the market in daily use. However, when some large software is opened or when switching between multiple tasks, it can obviously feel a little stuck and frame dropping. However, the speed of opening the software with cold start is slightly faster than that of iPhone 7. In addition, Huawei mate 9 can play the king, but the fever is very serious, and I feel that the game optimization is not in place. However, from a practical point of view, Huawei mate 9 has a 5.9-inch large screen, 4000mAh battery, 22.5w fast charging, NFC, infrared and Leica color matching, which is more practical than the iPhone 7.

from the overall fluency experience, it is obvious that the iPhone 7 is obviously better than Huawei mate 9. Huawei emui still has a visible gap with IOS in terms of fluency optimization. However, Huawei mate 9 has also exceeded the goal of 18 months without jamming, which is commendable.

Author: zmhuaxia