After Huawei Qilin chip was shut down, half of its research aura was lost, giving consumers a choice

In recent two years, Huawei mobile phone business has been able to maintain a rapid development, Qilin series chips can be said to be a great success. However, the company will shut down its Unicorn processor after mid September, due to the new U.S. sanctions against Huawei in May. At present, Huawei is likely to choose the joint development chip to replace the unicorn processor. Although Huawei mobile phones will still be sold in the market, it has to be admitted that Huawei mobile phones without Kirin chips will lose half of their self research aura. Huawei’s move undoubtedly gives users a choice. In the face of Huawei mobile phones without Unicorn processor, will consumers choose to buy them? In my opinion, most users will not change their choice of purchasing machine. Although the performance of Unicorn chip is strong and 5g function is excellent, it is not irreplaceable to see its strength alone. Taking the Unicorn 9905g processor as an example, whether it is the United Development Branch Tianji 1000plus or Xiaolong 865, the data processing capacity is on the Kirin 9905g chip. Although the self research optical ring of kylin 9905g chip can not be ignored, it can not be denied that most consumers do not know the configuration of mobile phones very well. As long as there is no big performance difference in processor chips, users will not care much about it. On the other hand, the sales increase of Huawei’s mobile phone in recent two years is not only the credit of Unicorn chip, but also the photo taking ability, endurance performance and even appearance design of Huawei mobile phone have become an important attraction. For many years, Huawei mobile phone photo performance has been the highest level in the same period products. Moreover, before the unicorn processor was in fire, Huawei p20pro has achieved success in the international market by taking photos and selling points alone. Under the background of more and more attention to innovation by users, the new design and new technology attract consumers far more than a new chip. Changes in user demand may significantly reduce Huawei’s negative impact on losing its Unicorn chip. However, it may take some time for Huawei to explore how to replace Unicorn chip with the development technology chip. After all, Huawei has always insisted on the combination of software and hardware. The reason why the system is smooth and the camera photographing algorithm is outstanding is based on the close combination of chip and hardware. If Huawei wants to maintain its previous selling point, it will not be necessary to adjust the chip. At the beginning of chip replacement, Huawei’s mobile phone use experience will inevitably decline. You think that the shutdown of Kirin chip will have a great impact on Huawei’s mobile phone business. Please talk about your point of view. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year