After Kirin 9000 won the first round, Huawei won a total victory, and the chip giant had to bow down?

Recently, Huawei’s press conference on mate40 was a big fire. This year’s special situation has led to Huawei’s lack of reserves in its mobile phone business. Therefore, many domestic consumers are quite worried about Huawei. It is also because of their concern for Huawei, so a large number of consumers are ready to start this year’s mate40 series to keep a memorial. After all, this may be the last step in recent years with Unicorn chip on Huawei mobile phones. It is necessary to say that this year, the performance of mate40 series is really good, which is due to the performance improvement of Kirin 9000 chip. This year’s Qilin 9000 adopts 5nm technology of TSMC. The number of transistors is increased again compared with that of the previous generation of kylin 9905g, so the improvement is quite bright. Even the running score of Unicorn 9000 rabbit has reached 690000, and nearly 700000 achievements have made China a leader in the high pass 865 series. The performance of the unicorn 9000 has given us a glimpse of Huawei’s strength, and the performance of the unicorn 9000 also makes Huawei temporarily in the ceiling of the Android camp. But recently, another chip giant has also sent news, and another chip based on 5nm technology is about to be released, which is exynos1080, which Samsung will officially release on November 12. This year, Samsung changed its normal state and finally chose arm public architecture design chip, which can maintain excellent performance and power consumption on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can ensure that the architecture problems will not overturn. The upcoming exynos1080 of Samsung will adopt arm’s A78 and g78 architecture. Performance also surprises many people. From the running score scores leaked from rabbit rabbit, exynos1080 has achieved 690000, and will become one of the new generation of Android flagship chips in the future. It is worth mentioning that this chip is actually a product issued by Samsung specifically for the domestic market, so in terms of competitiveness, it is still quite strong. From the detailed running chart, we can see that exynos1080 of Samsung is slightly behind Kirin 9000 in CPU. The overall performance of the A78 architecture is 20% higher than that of a77, so in the case of the two chips, 1080 with A78 architecture will be lower in power consumption. But at the same time, some people have found a clue, because 1080 adopting A78 + g78 scheme does not lead Kirin 9000 in some aspects, even some parameters are behind Kirin 9000. The gap in UX project is only 10000, which can be ignored basically. In fact, this has shown that Huawei’s chip design power is actually better than Samsung’s design power. After all, it can optimize the a77 architecture to this, even surpass the A78 performance. The next game of Kirin 9000, Huawei won this time, even a big win. Samsung must be willing to take the lead in this regard. Of course, in the future, Qualcomm 875 and exynos2100 will be released in succession. At that time, Huawei Unicorn 9000 chip may be behind Qualcomm and Samsung. But there is no way to do it. After all, the release time of these chips has always been wrong generation release. Huawei is also difficult to get the latest architecture authorization, which makes it difficult to lead the lead. Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia