After more than 60 days in orbit, good news came from space, and tianwen-1 finally took an important step

In this year’s space launch mission, the “tianwen-1” probe is definitely one of China’s most important missions. Now that it has been in orbit for more than 60 days, there is good news again, according to CCTV news. Tianwen-1 finally took the most important step, and the second orbit correction was successfully completed. < / P > < p > the reason why tianwen-1 has to make correction in the middle of the orbit is that once the smallest difference in position and speed is gradually accumulated, it will eventually be infinitely enlarged, resulting in the increasingly large difference between the running track and the original established orbit, and eventually leading to the failure to achieve the intended goal. Therefore, the ground monitoring station must study and correct the flight orbit in the midway to ensure that the detector can always fly on the established orbit. < / P > < p > the second half-way correction of the orbit is mainly due to the need of space scientists in the control center to start and ignite the engine of tianwen-1. It is learned that each of the four engines can reach 120 n. during the ignition operation, not only the state of the engine itself can be detected, but also the orbit correction can be completed at the moment of ignition. The orbit correction started at 23:00 on September 20, when the probe was 19 million kilometers away from the earth, and the fixed start-up time was about 20 seconds. It was confirmed that the engine was in good condition. It can be said that the success of this correction and engine ignition means that tianwen-1 has taken the most important step. Naturally, there are other challenges ahead. Why does China attach great importance to tianwen-1? Is it just because tianwen-1 will win glory to the country once it lands on Mars successfully? Of course, there are reasons for this, but the more important reason is that all countries in the world that have the ability in space science and technology are actively deploying space exploration. The reason is very simple, because countries around the world have reached a consensus that human beings have entered the first step of exploring the universe, which means that human beings have opened the formal exploration of the universe. As for the original plan of human landing on the moon and so on, it can only be regarded as the beginning of mankind’s rushing out of the earth, so the two are quite different. < / P > < p > and with the beginning of human exploration into the universe, it means that two projects will be put on the human agenda. The first is human migration to other planets. The second is the research, exploitation and application of space resources. At present, only Mars is the most suitable and likely to become the first planet to realize “immigration” around human beings. Even Elon Musk had planned to complete his Mars migration program by 2060. The success of China’s Mars probe means that China has stepped into the most important step in human exploration of outer space, especially the most critical step in Mars exploration. In the future, if human beings unite to develop relevant resources, China will have enough discourse power. On the contrary, those countries with underdeveloped space and space technology can only “gather” but not have much say. < / P > < p > apart from this, it can be predicted that neither NASA nor ESA of the United States is likely to give China a hand. Even if they have the opportunity, they will not mind “shutting us out” as they did when China refused to use the international space station. Therefore, it is better to seek ourselves than to seek others. Only when our own space science and technology develops and we have enough ability to explore the universe, will we be valued and qualified to share this “big cake”. In addition, both the moon and Mars have countless mineral resources. If these resources can be exploited and utilized, it will be a blessing for human beings. However, the allocation of resources will not escape the result of “strength determines proportion”. Therefore, only by strengthening the strength can we ensure our own interests. At the same time, the better China’s development in the field of aerospace and aviation, the capital it attracts and the international interest team established around China are also “solid”, and the greater the power of discourse and the advantage of competing for interests in the future. Therefore, at this stage when you are competing with me to explore the universe, only strength and speed, adhering to the awareness of starting first, and being slow to eat, can we have the first chance. Therefore, tianwen-1 Mars probe is of great significance to China. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!