After pregnancy, play mobile phone to be restrained, these three kinds of behavior should be avoided, don’t hurt Taibao is not aware of it

With the development of high-tech electronic technology, a mobile phone is no longer a fantasy. According to statistics, the number of people with myopia is increasing day by day, and the development of vision industry is particularly prosperous. Of course, pregnant women in special groups are no exception. They also have no taboo in pregnancy, often stay up late to watch mobile phones. And we think that the mobile phone does not have too much radiation, and will not cause harm to the body, so playing mobile phone during pregnancy is really not harmful to fetal treasure? After her pregnancy, Lan Lan had been in poor health, so she had been recuperating at home. During the recuperation at home, some of them are bored, so they have been accompanied by mobile phones. The first thing tiktok in the morning is to watch mobile phone, to constantly brush and play games, to watch TV plays after lunch at bed, and to do so in the evening, and circulate again and again every day. < p > < p > seeing this, her husband began to dissuade Lan Lan from playing with her mobile phone all the time, which was bad for her eyes and her health. But every time LAN LAN will be right to say: I wear anti radiation clothing, wearing anti blue glasses, certainly no problem! So the husband gave up, and never asked again. One morning, Lan Lan felt a sharp pain in her abdomen when she was watching a TV play. Her family was scared and rushed to the hospital. After a doctor’s examination, mother and son were not in any way affected. It was just because Lan Lan played with her cell phone for a long time and her mood fluctuated greatly, resulting in fetal hypoxia in the abdomen. When Lan’s family finished, he took a breath. From then on, Lan Lan never put the cart before the horse again. < p > < p > mobile phones are the symbol of modern technological development. If you have a look, you can understand the world’s major events. But playing around the clock is a bad habit, especially for pregnant mothers. < / P > < p > people often stay up late because of work and study. Staying up late will seriously reduce the quality of sleep and may lead to obesity. Some people who love beauty and want to lose weight should not stay up late. Pregnant mothers, too, often stay up late to play with mobile phones will greatly increase the possibility of fetal death. What’s more, fetuses may be lighter than their peers, leading to developmental problems. And pregnant mother stay up late playing mobile phone posture is basically unchanged, may oppress the baby’s nerves, not conducive to the healthy growth of the baby. Therefore, it is better for pregnant mothers not to stay up late and play with mobile phones. < / P > < p > according to a report a few days ago, a little boy playing with his mobile phone while charging led to an explosion of his mobile phone, which resulted in 80% of his body being burned. This warns people not to play with their phones while charging. Even if the battery and mobile phone are original, there are certain risks. In addition, the input current when charging and the output current when playing will damage the battery of the mobile phone, which is why the battery of the mobile phone is less durable. And radiation is a certain harm to the body, although the pregnant mother wearing radiation protection clothing, but can not fully ensure safety. Therefore, whether pregnant or not, do not play with the mobile phone when charging. < / P > < p > when using electronic products, do not stare at the screen for too long. The longer the time, the greater the harm. If a pregnant mother is in front of the screen for more than 15 hours a day, it may cause fetal malformation. The longer you look at it, the more tired your eyesight will be, which will have a negative impact on the growth and development of your baby. Therefore, pregnant mothers must not stare at the screen for a long time. During pregnancy, it is best to contact electronic products as little as possible to avoid accidents between mother and child. If it is necessary to contact, the pregnant mother had better wear radiation protection clothing and other protection, wear color filter to reduce eyesight fatigue. < / P > < p > “a pregnant woman who has been addicted to mobile phones for a long time has suffered from abdominal pain and eventually miscarriage” is nothing new now. Some people think that this is just alarmism, which is not a matter at all. But don’t make fun of your life, because the doctor once said that pregnant women should not play with their mobile phones for more than 30 minutes each time, which can be continuous for many times, but there should be a break between them. And pregnant women appropriate relaxation is conducive to the growth and development of the baby in the abdomen, but also for the future production preparation. < p > < p > pregnant mothers try to keep a certain distance from their mobile phones when they play with mobile phones, such as computers. And pregnant mothers can also install radiation protection devices on their mobile phones. Because the early fetus is vulnerable to radiation, leading to abortion. And when the pregnant mother answers the phone, the ear should keep a certain distance from the mobile phone, not close to the ear. Don’t talk too long. The best way is to turn on handsfree. Keeping the distance as far as possible can reduce the injury between the fetus and the pregnant mother. Turn off the lights and stay up late to see the harm of mobile phones to ordinary people, let alone pregnant mothers. Not only will bring vision fatigue, cervical vertebra and other problems, more importantly, the damage to the fetus will increase. It will also affect the mood of pregnant mothers and increase the probability of fetal dysplasia. For the normal development and growth of Taibao, pregnant mothers must firmly remember the above points. More to maintain a good mood, supplement nutrition, I believe that pregnant mothers will give birth to a lovely little angel! New product launch