After seeing the truth of the world, how to choose?

It is said that “when human beings think, God Laughs”. Have you ever thought that if there is such a mechanism? Suppose you’re being operated on in front of the screen, and your brain is cut off of your body and put into a vat of nutrients to keep your brain alive. < / P > < p > the nerve endings of the brain are connected to a supercomputer, which programs information to the brain so that you can maintain the sensory experience that is similar to that of a normal person. Because this supercomputer has real-time data from all over the world, life seems to have never changed for you, and you are completely synchronized with the outside world. < p > < p > < p > “brain in the VAT” is an assumption expounded by Hillary Putnam in his book in 1981. < / P > < p > set up a school and carry forward the type. And the movie we’re going to talk about today is based on the inspiration of “brain in the VAT”. In addition, it has inspired, to a great extent, a series of classic blockbusters handed down from generation to generation. The story begins in Los Angeles in 1937. The old man left a letter to a bartender in dark color and indifference, telling him that someone would come to him for it, but the bartender was not honest and opened the letter directly. When the old man woke up, he came to 1999 directly. It seemed that he was going to make a big secret known to the public. He was killed before he could say anything. < / P > < p > as soon as the camera turns, the male owner wakes up from his home, but there are traces of his own killing people everywhere. Is he “killing in his dream”? With doubt, the man heard the message left by the old man. It turns out that Los Angeles in 1937 was a virtual world created by a team of old people and male owners. The old man told the male owner that he had left a message in 1937.

man was as like as two peas in the bar. The man in the bar recognized the same bartender as the technician. After a long time, the bartender told the man the truth. The letter was actually a sentence: our world is not real. The man in is the only one who knows the truth. < / P > < p > so in order to find out the truth, the bartender drove to the edge of the city and saw the incredible scene that the world had an end. In 1937, the male owner did not find a clue. Instead, in 1999, a daughter appeared out of thin air that the old man had never mentioned. She tried to inherit the company left by the old man, but suddenly disappeared. When she saw her again, she became a cashier who seemed to have never seen the man before. The male dominated world outlook collapsed. He also learned from the bartender in 1937 and drove to the edge of the city. As a result, he saw the end of the world. In that side room, the technician could not help but be curious. In 1937, he entered the bartender’s body and died in a car accident. New rules emerge: in 1937, the death of the bartender meant the death of the bartender’s body and the technician’s consciousness. Instead, the bartender’s consciousness occupied the technician’s body and entered 1999 successfully! The huge gap impacts the will of the man, and the woman shows the whole picture: originally, the consciousness of the female owner comes from 2024, and the woman and her husband created hundreds of virtual worlds in 1999. < p > < p > after knowing the truth, the man gave a brilliant summary: “you pull the plug, I will disappear.”. However, the virtual world in which the man lives has its particularity, because it is the only virtual world that has also created the virtual world. Therefore, in order to control the virtual world and control the male owner’s body, the husband of the female owner kills the old man who knows the truth in the film in order to control the virtual world. < / P > < p > the female owner is tired of her murderous husband, but she is fond of the virtual male master created according to her husband’s model. And the husband immediately arrived and occupied the body of the male owner in an attempt to solve the female owner in the virtual world. The detective who had been investigating the murder of the old man appeared in time to shoot the husband, so the man jumped to 2024 to replace the husband and lead a happy life. However, the reason why masterpieces are called masterpieces is not only satisfied with a happy ending. So the film comes to the last scene: the man and the woman stand on the balcony in 2024, overlooking the sea view. Suddenly, like a TV set being unplugged, the picture closes into a line and disappears. It’s like the man who said, “you pull the plug and I’ll disappear.” So, in 2024, is it just a virtual world? In fact, we don’t have to be too pessimistic. We always think about whether we are the “brain in the VAT”. At the beginning of the film, Descartes’ famous saying “I think, so I am” is the beginning of the film. In the film, the author’s attitude is expressed through the two different reactions of the male owner and the detective. < / P > < p > to some extent, the male leader represents the reformer, and makes great efforts to create the virtual world in order to be famous in history and become famous. However, when he knows that the world he lives in is only a virtual world, he falls into confusion. When he enters the upper world at the end of the film, he shows the joy and satisfaction of entering the real world. However, the detective is silent and lives in peace and contentment. He is satisfied with his present life. When the world he lives in is a virtual world, he thinks of driving away the people from the upper world, so as to continue his ordinary but happy life. Which is better? It can’t be summed up in one word. The real meaning of “I think, therefore I am” is not idealism, but the thorough epistemology, that is, my thinking determines my existence. “I” can not deny their existence, because when I deny, doubt, I already think, “I” already exists! Philosophy may not be able to solve the problem of eating in front of us, but isn’t it through constant thinking that human beings become the spirits of all things? Here at the same time, we should pay tribute to movies such as,, and so on. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?