After studying all the cameras that are newly launched this year, Mustang has come to six interesting conclusions

With the release of Nikon’s latest Z6 II and z7 II, Fuji x-s10 and Canon M50 II in October, the recent release of camera manufacturers’ new models in 2020 may fall down, but do you really have a taste of them? The camera market will continue to be in an awkward situation in 2020. According to the statistics of CIPA, the camera market continues to decline, while the continued hot sales of smart phones make the camera market subject to the double attack of mobile phone and Yi sentiment. < / P > < p > as the center of housing economy, mobile phones are obviously more closely connected with people. With the continuous upgrading of camera and video performance, more cameras, larger bottom, larger zoom range and more intelligent imaging, mobile phones have completely replaced the previous small bottom card machines. Although the image quality is still unable to challenge the SLR and no reflexes, it is greatly portable and practical transcend. Therefore, how to deal with the decline of the whole market is a difficult problem for camera manufacturers. When we study some new products in 2020, we can find some ways to break through the new products in 2020, and we can also feel a breakthrough idea of future cameras. < p > < p > Canon launched a series of moves in 2020, which can be described as the big year of Canon camera. In this year, it not only launched the SLR flagship 1dx3 and the latest consumer camera 850d, but also sold out of stock EOS R5 and R6, which are the latest full frame images. If it is not for the M50 II hair cloth, people will forget that Canon also has the no reflection camera for APS-C! < / P > < p > of the five cameras, three are non reflective and two are SLR. Many people judge that the 1dx3 will be Canon’s masterpiece in the 1dx series. In addition to the rumor that the 5d5 will stop developing, the full frame non reflective fuselage and the full fire power of the lens and the stop of the SLR Lens update, people feel that Canon will further shorten the SLR product line. At the beginning of the year, Nikon released its flagship D6, and then released a full format SLR D780. This did not stop the development of DSR, especially the improvement of D6 compared with D5. Either it announced that the SLR had reached its peak or Nikon’s strategic abandonment. < / P > < p > Nikon’s Z series has no reaction. Starting from the complete picture without reflection, Nikon uses the same bayonet to lead to APS-C picture. Z-notch is the source of confidence of Nikon in the no counter market. < / P > < p > as can be seen from the latest press conferences of Nikon Z6 II and z7 II, Nikon has been sparing no pains in publicizing the advantages of z-bayonet, and intentionally or unintentionally, mentioned Z 580.95 again! Nikon will bet on the z-card! < / P > < p > in addition to z6ii and z7 II, Nikon continuously launched Z5 and Z50 on the no reflexes, and continued to complement the Z bayonet lens group. It can be seen that Nikon’s future is in no reverse, and Nikon is making up for the short board of time. Moreover, judging from the price adjustment of Z5 and the listing prices of Z6 II and z7 II, Nikon’s marketing department seems to have acknowledged the backwardness of the market and become more pragmatic. In the future, Nikon will never turn back on the road of no opposition! < / P > < p > let alone the three, the current product line has no SLR products. Be startled at that time, SONY did not suck up in 2020, and did not release any products that were surprising. A7s3 has been skipping tickets for a long time, and a7c is only a simplified version of a7m3. Has the aggressive Sony taken the lead in the no counter market and started squeezing toothpaste. Panasonic Fuji has its own characteristics. Panasonic focuses on turning its video ability to non reaction, while Fuji pays attention to its advantages in camera appearance and color. < / P > < p > replacing SLR with no reverse is not only because of the reduction of cost due to the simplification of mechanical structure, but also the decrease of R & D cost and shortening of cycle. In the face of mobile phone changing every year, if the iteration speed of camera can not be accelerated, it will be more likely to be abandoned by consumers! < p > < p > in 2020, the camera is not only a tool for taking pictures. With the introduction of the video function in 5D2, people find that what the camera can do is not only to take good pictures, but also to take video with the camera. < / P > < p > the electronic degree of cameras is getting higher and higher, and the emergence of non reflective cameras makes video shooting more convenient. Coupled with 5g era, video transmission has been completely free of obstacles. < / P > < p > with the improvement of sensors and image processors, the improvement of image quality has become a bottleneck. Therefore, various manufacturers have taken video as a new breakthrough point and publicized video parameters as important parameters of new machines, such as 8K no cutting, 4K 60p, 4:2:210bit, etc. < / P > < p > not to mention that Sony’s a7s3 is a camera made entirely for video. Even Canon’s EOS R5’s main selling point is the first camera that can shoot 8K. < / P > < p > with the development of video, 4K has become the mainstream this year, and the 4K shooting ability without cutting high frame rate will become the pass standard to measure a midrange camera. Next year, 6K or 8K will become standard for high-end cameras! < / P > < p > the reason why mobile phones have an impact on the camera is that, on the one hand, the direct out effect is getting better and better with the support of AI, and on the other hand, its inherent portable performance can be met by mobile phones as the shooting demand with low daily requirements. < / P > < p > camera is a kind of relatively professional equipment specially used for shooting. It can meet the demand for higher image quality, but it does not mean that it can be big and thick. However, obviously, just like the development law of integrated circuits guided by Moore’s law, the smaller the size, the greater the performance. It seems contradictory and inevitable. The performance improvement of electronic structure is much easier than that of mechanical structure, which is one of the important reasons why nonreverse can replace SLR! < p > < p > Panasonic has always been quite different. Its S1 series has solid materials, strong weather resistance, and its volume and weight even exceed that of the SLR, which shows that the micro characters in the micro single are completely irrelevant. Although big and heavy can help hold stability, it’s not an advantage for a camera that is good at video. < / P > < p > after all, if you want to shoot a moving picture, a stabilizer is essential. If you want to put it on the shelf, you can’t find a proper stabilizer for a heavy fuselage. On the other hand, is it not tiring to lift it for a whole day? < / P > < p > and as a market pioneer and leader of micro single, Sony also made a response to lightweight on the a7c. Of course, there are Sony’s Z5, Fuji’s x-s10 and Panasonic’s S5, all of which reflect the trend of lightweight design. < / P > < p > on the other hand, in professional models, nature has great advantages. First, the layout of large buttons on the fuselage is more leisurely. If 1dx3 and D6 this kind of handle integration fuselage, looks very formidable. < / P > < p > in addition, another advantage of large fuselage is that it can dissipate heat quickly and can be equipped with heat dissipation devices. For example, Panasonic S1 is equipped with a cooling fan for video shooting. However, the overheating of EOS R5 and R6 in video shooting and even in photographing is a design defect. Therefore, polarization is likely to be the two development directions of cameras in the future. Professional aircraft, the pursuit of the handling of the fuselage, grip feeling and the cooling problems of video shooting will be more and more serious on the fuselage. < / P > < p > higher pixels, higher available ISO, and faster continuous shooting speed are the characteristics that a camera must have. Because these are the advantages of cameras over mobile phones. < / P > < p > so, we see a 45 megapixel sensor on EOS R5, so we see a high sense of horror on a7s3, so we see faster continuous shooting speed on R5 R6 and Z6 II and z7 II. However, the inner diameter of the bayonet is larger, which also means the cost of lens material increases. < / P > < p > of course, the price of the fuselage is constantly breaking new highs. For example, the EOS R5 has reached 26000, and the a7s3 is above 20000. Even if the price of Nikon is relatively flat, the z7 II will be close to 20000 yuan. < / P > < p > in 2020, we suddenly found that several cameras are very close in parameters, such as Canon R6, Sony a7m3 and Nikon Z6 II. They are all representatives of balanced cameras. < / P > < p > that is to say, they are all at or more than 20 million pixels, and they do not pursue too high performance in pixels, but their video shooting ability is excellent, reflecting the balance between taking photos and videos. < p > < p > because Sony’s a7m3 has achieved great success in full frame image, it takes both photo and video into consideration, has moderate pricing, and has no short board performance, which is the main promotion of every company. The product planning of several manufacturers is getting closer. For example, in the market with the highest profit and the most fierce competition, Canon, Sony and Nikon have improved their product lines in 2020 and subdivided them into entry-level, middle end and high-end levels. < p > < p > for example, Canon’s EOS RP is good at low price and lightweight at the entry-level; EOS R and EOS R6 are mid-range products with prices around 15000 yuan, focusing on cost performance; and EOS R5 is a high-performance product that accounts for more than 20000 yuan. < p > < p > take a look at Sony. This year, Sony released an a7c, which is a simplified version of a7m3. It has only a single card slot, but it has a flip screen. Although the price is slightly higher now, there will be room for price reduction in the future. It should also be a low-end full picture product dominated by Sony. < / P > < p > in the end, Nikon’s Z5 is undoubtedly very strong in performance, with full frame, dual card and body anti shake, which has an impact on EOS RP. And the current price also tends to be reasonable. Canon is said to be interested in developing EOS R1, which is obviously aimed at Sony A9, while Nikon is said to be developing Z9, which is almost the same specification as EOS R5. Canon may launch a 10 million pixel, non heating video camera to compete with a7s3 next year! < / P > < p > If Sony is the king of the past, what it has done better than canon and Nikon is that it is more radical and enterprising. That’s how Sony has been successful. From the A7 series, A9 series and APS-C a6000 series, Sony has established a complete set of camera series covering from C frame to full frame, from entry to professional, from video to high pixel. < p > < p > at the same time, through continuous research and development and the opening of lens bayonet, Sony not only has its own original ordinary lens, GM lens, but also the high cost performance lens provided by the subsidiary factory. There are many choices, which also promote the continuous hot sales of the fuselage. < p > < p > Sony has made a lot of innovations in sensor, body anti shake, double bayonet, focusing system and video ability, which has been recognized by the market. Sony Hao is already the intuitive impression of Sony fans to Sony. However, in 2020, Sony seems to be relieved. This year, Sony’s new products are weaker than its old rival Canon in terms of quantity and quality. < / P > < p > as YEMA said earlier, 2020 is Canon’s big year. Canon has held back its big move after the EOS r water test was not successful! Not only has the sensor and image processor been re developed, but also the video function and focusing function have been enhanced. Even the anti shake function used for the first time on the computer is amazing, which makes people exclaim: Canon King returns. < / P > < p > it was just like this that Canon, which exploded toothpaste, made its EOS R5 and R6 scrambled as soon as they came into the market,