After the charger is not sent, the iPhone 12 has been in a wave again. Netizens: sympathy for apple this time!

This year, due to the epidemic situation, maybe it is different for all manufacturers. Even Apple’s new product launch in autumn is different from the history. Not only has the iPhone not been launched, but also the A14 chip has not been launched on the iPhone, which is unprecedented in the past. In addition, apple will hold three new product launches this year. < / P > < p > so far, the second show has been completed. The protagonist of course is the current iPhone 12 series, and the third new product launch conference is a Mac computer equipped with Apple’s self-developed chip. However, the iPhone 12 series, which has just been released to the market, has been in constant turmoil in recent days. < / P > < p > first of all, on the day of the launch of the iPhone 12 series, apple suffered a sharp drop, which once cost Apple tens of billions of dollars. However, people soon began to pay attention to the fact that the iPhone 12 was not randomly distributed with chargers as in previous years. < p > < p > for this reason, Apple also responded to the incident. The main reason is that Apple explained that it was for environmental protection. Obviously, this explanation was not understood by many netizens. Even if it is for environmental protection, why not send chargers and headphones, but why is the starting price the same as the iPhone 11 series? < / P > < p > of course, there are also some fruit fans who say that they have their own iPhone chargers and headphones, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t deliver them. Therefore, the storm is over. DxOMark posted a microblog saying: the first impression of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is that the long focus lens of the device has been upgraded from the equivalent 52mm of the iPhone 11pro Max to the equivalent 65mm, and supports 5x optical zoom. Although it has been upgraded, it is still not as good as the 100 + mm lens of some friends. < / P > < p > from the first microblog of DxOMark, we can see two meanings. The first is that the photo taking effect of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is not as good as that of its friends, and the second is that it simply means that it is not as good as its friends in terms of zoom. However, it is strange that DxOMark mentioned the impact of zoom lens on the quality of photos in the second apology microblog. Since DxOMark has linked the quality of photography with zoom lens, it will inevitably cause misunderstanding and association among readers. As a result, many netizens sympathized with apple because of the so-called optical zoom ratio, it is difficult for us to directly link the quality of photos. For example, Canon G7 x Mark III, which costs about 5000 yuan, has only 4.2 times optical zoom, but Sony wx350, which only costs more than 1000 yuan, has 20 times optical zoom. However, in terms of aperture, the maximum aperture of Canon G7 x Mark III is f1.8, while that of Sony wx350 is only f3.5. Obviously, Canon’s model is better. In fact, it can be seen from the literal meaning that the so-called zoom lens can only let us take a longer view, and has no direct impact on the color reduction. < / P > < p > in addition to zoom, the same is true for the number of pixels. If the pixels are large enough, they can still guarantee a certain degree of clarity when the picture is enlarged, but it is also not helpful for color restoration. Those who are familiar with cameras all know this saying: the bottom one kills people. This bottom refers to the photosensitive element, also known as the sensor. In short, the restoration of the camera to the photographic object depends on the principle of optics. The more light input of the camera, the stronger the internal sensitivity, the better the photographic effect. < / P > < p > however, the incoming light depends on the aperture, and the photosensitivity relies on the sensor, such as zoom, pixel, etc., which is more functional than photo quality. However, we are not saying that the evaluation of DxO is not of any value. The evaluation only shows the selling points of each camera in a digital way. However, it does not constitute a purchase proposal, because our daily photographing is not to compare the value of your photographic works, but to our own feelings. < / P > < p > as long as you can satisfy yourself, Shen Yiren, vice president of oppo, mentioned before that photography, which emphasizes subjective feelings, should be adjusted to the same level because of a scoring standard? What’s more, Shen Yiren also mentioned that the camera running points are really meaningless. You can charge a consultant to guide you to “debug”. < / P > < p > so this time we sympathize with apple, and we also found that the iPhone 12 Pro Max uses the largest f 1.6 aperture, so the photo quality is still worth looking forward to. What do you think of this? Older posts →