After the price of full frame camera plummeted, which one is more worth buying?

Full frame camera as the most mainstream camera frame, it should be said that the number of lenses, image quality performance and portability have considerable advantages and relatively balanced. At present, full frame is definitely the best choice in digital cameras. So when Canon meets the full picture, what should we choose? < / P > < p > if you want a reliable camera that focuses on taking pictures, obviously 5D4 won’t let you down. 5D series is Canon’s most mature and successful full frame camera. Moreover, Canon provides perfect EF lens group with strong cost performance. Today, Canon 5D4 is still the first choice for many professional photographers. With its excellent control and weather resistance, buyers can rest assured that they can use it for five years without considering being out of date. < / P > < p > on the whole, it achieves a better balance between the functionality and performance of the camera: the good image quality, more expansion functions, video shooting function and mechanical performance make the d750 have a very good comprehensive quality, which is more suitable for portable body size. The combination of AF-S 24-120mm F / 4G ed VR lens set is more complementary. Please take your d750 to escape from city life and walk into poetry and distance. < p > < p > the 24 million effective pixels of a7m3 are not improved compared with the previous generation models, but they are also clearly divided into different camps with the same door a7r3 for photographers with different needs. It can not be said that this is Sony’s careful layout on the digital image product line. In terms of focusing performance, continuous shooting performance and battery life, Sony a7m3 has improved significantly, which is almost equal to that of the SLR camera. The precision and tracking speed of eye controlled focusing are very good. The dynamic range and high ISO imaging ability are also commendable among similar models. The 4K video capability is significantly improved compared with the previous generation. In summary, this should be the most cost-effective product among the 24 megapixel interchangeable mirror cameras. < p > < p > at first glance, Fuji x-t3 has almost the same retro look as the x-t2. To me, it may also be the most beautiful mass production model on the market. The x-t3 uses a new x-trans CMOS sensor and a new x-processor With the VI processor, this camera has Fuji’s most powerful performance in both photo shooting and video recording. I even think it can be compared with professional cameras on the market. And Fuji now has a very rich lens group in the APS-C frame micro single field. Such a comprehensive lens group is an important guarantee for the full output of x-t3 camera. Finally, the price of this camera is only 9790 yuan, which can be said to be very conscientious. After all, the selling price of Fuji x-t2 is 12000 +. I think for the Fuji x-t3 camera, if you are a Fuji user, the x-t3 upgrade will make you feel very satisfied; if not, the machine will win your heart. < / P > < p > we are very sure that d850 is a work with sincerity, is a product that attempts to revise the current situation of Nikon, and is one of the few products that Nikon does not accept. All the specifications and functions that can be given are applied to it. Even if the d850 has some flagship features, the D5 has no characteristics, and there will be the illusion of “following the attack” — if the d850 is made into a handle integrated body, it is not too much to name it d5x. I believe that Nikon can release a full-fledged d850 today to show you that in the next 100 years, we will still be a trendsetter in the imaging industry. All in all, in the field of consumer cameras, the above five cameras give consumers enough choices, which can be regarded as excellent products in various fields. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction