After the successful launch of “tianwen-1”, Indian netizens lost control of their control, and their attitude of vinegar was strong

Recently, “tianwen-1” has become a hot word on the major social networks. From the launch to the success of the launch and subsequent reports, it has always occupied the headlines of the major media.

as China’s first Mars probe, “tianwen-1” Mars probe has been successfully launched and has entered the scheduled orbit successfully, which means that “tianwen-1” has officially embarked on the journey to Mars, which also indicates that China has taken the first step in exploring Mars. For China’s achievements in space, many national space agencies have sent congratulations.

but along with it, the mentality of some countries who claim to be great powers has collapsed. From the perspective of overseas social media, many people have said “sour”, the most typical of which is Indian netizens. They even said that “China’s technology is stolen”, “Mars is about to be infected by the new coronavirus”. Some Indian netizens boast that India has launched a probe to Mars, and China is now copying India.

in addition to India, “pioneer” Australia also jumped out. Under the congratulatory message forwarded by the Australian space agency, some brainless remarks appeared. They said that “tianwen-1” was not a scientific research project, but political. They also called on all countries to stop China’s space program.

recently, the United States and China have not been very happy. Even so, NASA still maintains an impartial and objective attitude and congratulates the successful launch of tianwen-1. It seems that NASA’s netizens congratulated on NASA’s betrayal, but they can’t send a message of betrayal to NASA’s netizens

it’s funny to say so. For a long time, the United States has imposed a technical blockade on China, and has also drawn on other countries to blockade China. This argument is unreasonable. However, apart from these brainless water troops, many Americans have seen the status quo of the United States from the successful launch of tianwen-1 by China, which is in sharp contrast to the news of the United States due to epidemic situation and ethnic conflicts.

from another point of view, the comments made by netizens of these countries show that China’s success in aerospace has greatly stimulated the western countries led by the United States, and from the side also shows the great significance of this Mars exploration project.

for China, the successful launch of tianwen-1 means that China has taken a key step in space exploration. In the past few decades, Chinese space researchers have been working hard to overcome one problem after another under the technical blockade. Now their efforts have finally paid off. But we also have to understand that although the United States is in chaos and its technological strength is still strong, China still has a long way to go.

Author: zmhuaxia