After the wechat ban was announced, apple, Ford and Wal Mart couldn’t sit still and called the white house one after another

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, trump signed an administrative decree that TikTok and Wechat constituted a security threat and would prohibit any American individual or company from doing any transactions with TikTok, Wechat and its China parent company. < p > < p > on this matter, Tencent officials did not show excessive performance, but calmly said that after reviewing the impact of the ban, the conclusion would be further announced. Moreover, in the financial report released by Tencent game a few days ago, the revenue of the US region was deliberately diluted. On the contrary, large multinational U.S. enterprises such as apple, Ford and Wal Mart can’t sit still. They are worried that the administrative order against wechat will damage their competitiveness in China, so they call the white house one after another. According to the report: < / P > < p > US companies with wealth ties to China are fighting back against Trump’s government’s plan to restrict Tencent Holdings Limited’s commercial transactions involving wechat applications, saying it may weaken their competitiveness in the world’s second largest economy. More than a dozen major U.S. multinational companies, including apple, Ford, Wal Mart and Walt Disney, spoke to White House officials on Tuesday. Other participants include Intel, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. For those who don’t live in China, they don’t understand how big the impact would be if US companies were not allowed to do business with wechat. They will be at a serious disadvantage in business competition. &quot,

trump ready to accept either course or the other. The reason for the appeal is partly to determine the exact meaning of the trump administration order. After all, the ambiguity of any “WeChat related deal” is somewhat ambiguous. In addition, according to Apple analyst Guo Mingzhen, if the wechat ban is implemented, companies including Apple may suffer great losses. In extreme cases, the ban may lead to a 30% drop in global iPhone shipments. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo