After three times in China, Samsung made a decisive move. Netizens: it’s really hard for you

The Qualcomm processor was originally the most popular processor in China. When buying Android phones, many users often choose the mobile phone based on the high-throughput processor, and do not like MediaTek. < p > < p > in addition, by taking advantage of its own technical advantages, almost all domestic manufacturers choose the high-tech processors, and MediaTek is almost squeezed into a corner. For example, the launch time of the 5g dual-mode chip of Qualcomm is later than that of Huawei, which is about half a year later than that of Huawei. Moreover, it also lags behind Samsung, MediaTek and other manufacturers. < / P > < p > among them, Huawei significantly reduced its share of Qualcomm chips, and more used Hisilicon and MediaTek chips, while Xiaomi, oppo, vivo and other manufacturers also gave up high pass chips and used more mediate chips. < / P > < p > in addition, Qualcomm relies heavily on the domestic market in terms of revenue. Among the 160 billion yuan of revenue in 2019, more than 100 billion yuan comes from the domestic market. < / P > < p > at a time when domestic manufacturers are abandoning Qualcomm, they have to bow to the domestic market. No matter how the situation develops, it hopes to continue cooperation, and Qualcomm cannot do without the Chinese market. < / P > < p > What’s more, in order to meet the demand, Qualcomm has not only launched the snapdragon 690 5g processor, but also launched the snapdragon 865 plus processor, with a performance improvement of 10% compared with the snapdragon 865 processor. < / P > < p > on the contrary, the launch time of Tianji 7205g chip of MediaTek was later than that of Qualcomm snapdragon 690 chip. However, oppo and other manufacturers launched new machines based on the chip and purchased a large number of the processor, which was the third time that Qualcomm had been in a low position. < p > < p > it is reported that Samsung has released the note20 series mobile phones based on the Qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus processor, which can be said to be the first flagship mobile phone based on the Qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus processor this year. < p > < p > and Qualcomm also said that it was very pleased to cooperate with Samsung Electronics, a long-term customer, to launch the latest series of flagship devices equipped with the latest top-notch snapdragon 865 plus 5g platform. In this regard, netizens have said that Samsung has been able to develop its own processor and is widely used in its own flagship mobile phones, but now it is wantonly adopting the Qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus processor. < / P > < p > because the life of Qualcomm in China is not so easy, domestic manufacturers gradually give up their chips, and it is useless for them to show their favor. Almost no one is interested in the new processors. Qualcomm even said that it would move its production line from China to Vietnam. However, Samsung’s life in the domestic and foreign markets is not good, with only about 1% of the domestic market. Due to the impact of the overseas epidemic, Samsung’s mobile phone sales have declined seriously. < p > < p > according to the data, Huawei not only surpassed Samsung in the sales of 5g mobile phones, but also surpassed Samsung in the second quarter of this year. < / P > < p > that is to say, the situation of both Qualcomm and Samsung is not optimistic. In the case of independent chips, Samsung also uses a large number of Qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus processors to support Qualcomm. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally