After tomorrow: build the defensive wall of maternal consciousness with the body, salute the great soldiers!

In order to find out the source of the infection of tree heights veterans, we will join hands with the Empire to investigate the secret behind the lazarov experiment in Dobe snow mountain. What terrible truth is waiting for us this time? < p > < p > after arriving at Dobe snow mountain, Andre asked me to go to his former Comrade Nikita to participate in the investigation. At the drawbridge, an imperial soldier is constantly asking for help, and he is Nikita. The monster’s attack destroyed the team, leaving him alone to survive. Before getting to know the situation in detail, Nikita suddenly looked ferocious, and a four mouthed monster broke out, just like cherokev before the mutation. It seems that the monster who attacked them must have something to do with lazarov’s experiment. < / P > < p > next to Nikita, there is an old map marked with a red circle, with “the root of everything” on the back. This place has an unusual connection to the lazarov outbreak? Andre told me that this red circle was the ruins of the science and Technology Association and the laboratory where lazarov was held. He planned to find some more helpers and gather with me at the entrance of the ruins of the science and Technology Association. < / P > < p > when I came to the entrance of the ruins of the science and Technology Association, Andre had already taken Boris and Victor to wait here. After some greetings, Andre took me to check the thalamus information on the ruins, and there was a huge secret between the science and Technology Association and the Empire. < p > < p > in those years, the Empire transported lazarov’s remains to the island for research, and wanted to destroy the mother’s body completely. However, lazarov suddenly woke up and spread the maternal consciousness. The Empire and the science and Technology Association had to work together to contain it in the ruins. However, according to the situation of Baishu highland and dobei snow mountain, the maternal consciousness has been further leaked < / P > < p > I was going to take a break and set out, but when I woke up, there was only one letter left by Andrea: “the sound of fighting is coming from the ruins. Let’s go down and have a look first!” I swam down the underwater passage to the entrance of the tunnel. The walls were covered with strange vines, emitting strange blue light. In the distance, Andre and Boris are dressing up the wounded female snipers. We’ve got some medicine for Andres. We’re going to meet the sniper in front of me. After a while, the sniper named Yelena finally woke up, but the others were already dead under the control of poisonous rattan named “loverita” < / P > < p > in order to enter the ruins of the science and Technology Association, we must resist the attack of these poisonous vines. People who are infected by poisonous rattan will expose a core of infection, which is their weakness. < p > < p > Andrea proposed to attract the poison vine, and I broke the infection core in the back. After our cooperation, the poisonous vines around were quickly eliminated and the group continued to move forward. < p > < p > Ye Lianna went to the front to inquire about the situation. I helped Andrea, who was seriously injured, to the door. A huge poisonous vine blocked our way, so I had to put Andrea aside for a moment and try to find a way. < / P > < p > not good, Andre is attacked by poison vine! He lifted the dynamite with difficulty and eliminated the poisonous vine. I rushed up to check on Andre. He was also infected, but in order to save more people, I had to end his life In a good mood, ye Lianna led me into the ruins of the laboratory, but the thalamus information at the door was suddenly opened: it turned out that there were countless soldiers stationed here, and their purpose was only one: to prevent the leakage of maternal consciousness. < / P > < p > at this time, there was gunfire on the other side of the ruins of the laboratory, Boris and victor! Ye Lianna and I ran to help them eliminate the poison vine, and the party continued to walk to the laboratory. Amazingly, in addition to poisonous rattan, there are many fallen Leviathan! < p > < p > originally, some members of the science and Technology Association found that when the maternal consciousness has a human host, the spreading speed will slow down. These soldiers are actively accepting the maternal consciousness and using their own lives to prevent the maternal consciousness from penetrating into the outside world. Every time a soldier falls, other soldiers will continue to receive < / P > < p > all of a sudden, poisonous rattan destroys the power system and the laboratory falls into darkness. Only by repairing the generator can we get out of danger. In order to keep us going, Victor decided to fight against poison vine < / P > < p > in the next channel, we find a new thalamic message: a soldier who has absorbed maternal consciousness and is about to lose control is asking his companions to kill him. These soldiers, one after another, become the hosts of maternal consciousness and then die painfully in order to protect everyone in the end < / P > < p > in order to escape from the laboratory, I tried to move Leviathan in the way, but unexpectedly awakened the maternal consciousness in his body. Countless poisonous vines suddenly rushed out like crazy, and Victor was also bound. < / P > < p > the imperial soldiers who came to reinforce him watched Victor tightly entangled and did not dare to act rashly. “Imperial soldiers, never fear death!” This is the land where victor will be buried forever Ye Lianna, who was seriously injured by < / P > < p > trembled and handed me a laboratory note, hoping that I could pass it on to a person named Qiu Shanguang. And she and other imperial soldiers will be here to fight Mother consciousness to the last moment < / P > < p > after completing the task of regional investigation and reward offer of dobei snow mountain, the survivors can review this moving great story through the “collection of atlas – complete map”. Oh, what’s the experience after reading the story of dobei snow mountain? Welcome to share with you in the comments section. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year

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