After using the $100000 hassle camera, I finally know where it is

Build your own aesthetic, which mostly comes from your experience, your actions or the words you read. Go out and discover the beauty and darkness of the world. The more you can see in your heart. Hasu and Spain are blue, Lycra is yellow, France is gray, Britain is brown, China is green, Japan and Italy are red. Russia is grayish blue. This is what I summed up to share with you. everyone has his hobby! Different skin color using different lens feel different, anyway, the naked eye monocular can have three-dimensional sense. It’s better to let go of the camera and embrace nature! < / P > < p > NCS is the abbreviation of natural color system. Hasu’s color management system HNCS is a solution to automatically optimize the color of different shooting objects from the aspects of pixel calibration, color look-up table LUT, L * RGB color space, general color management file and film curve. < / P > < p > NCS is one of the most famous color systems in the world. It is based on the concept of three groups of opposite colors in Hering’s theory of opposite pure colors. < / P > < p > most cameras are 12bit or 14bit, so the difference can not be underestimated, because the color depth is exponential, so the amount of information data of 16bit is four times that of 14bit. The higher the color depth is, the finer the color division is, and the richer the color level is; the wider the dynamic range is, the richer the details of the light and dark parts can be expressed, and the more delicate the level is. < / P > < p > we are not limited to our own style, but also constantly exploring innovative image processing forms. I like to use various technologies to change the original film. For example, I am used to printing photos and splicing them, and finally scanning them into digital form. < / P > < p > Architecture, fashion and portrait photography, when shooting works, I will use different styles and processing methods for different fields, not a set of methods applied to different fields. In the process of shooting, we don’t want too many artificial things, just need a camera, a lens and natural light, because natural light has the incomparable effect of artificial light. I hope the photography works can have expressive force and convey beauty. < / P > < p > color is an important factor in photography. Equipment, light and shadow, and composition are the considerations of picturesque photography. In documentary photography, there is less than 10% influence. In the end, good works show thinking. New product launch