After using the official version of ios14 for a period of time, I feel like Android!

As soon as the system comes out, it will be upgraded decisively as soon as the system comes out. It will be about ten days after the upgrade. I will not talk about the so-called new functions. I will find a lot of introductions online. < / P > < p > in IOS 14, apple gives users more rights to make their iPhone unique by using the “widget” function, which is also a compensation for the system closure defects. The new Siri and caller interface make it easier for the iPhone to handle multiple tasks, and the new translation function also solves some problems in daily life. Added five input method, but I didn’t learn it at that time. There are also some other new features, you can try it yourself if you are interested. < / P > < p > the desktop has changed the most, and it is also the most playable upgrade. The team pieces have a good time. Although it is a bad function of Android, it may still be on hot search. There are too many third-party applications and various small components, which make you full of personality. Below is the mobile phone desktop of Haonan. You feel very good and handsome. There is also a very popular charging prompt tone recently. I have a good time. < / P > < p > in addition, it is worth mentioning that the quick command module is very playable. It can change the interface design style by setting the shortcut command + changing the application display picture. It has a feeling of dressing up QQ space in those years, which obviously improves the uniqueness of the mobile phone. Of course, the function of the quick command module is not limited to this, but also can play voice when charging, etc Some rich functions still need to be developed by the partners themselves. Finally, the stability may be the reason for the early software adaptation. The author has been stuck in a certain interface several times this week. I hope it can be improved in the future. < / P > < p > of course, some friends may think that in this way, does the new version of IOS look a bit like the old rival Android? It is undeniable that from the perspective of interface style, the addition of small components can easily remind people of Android style. But this is just “looking”. In fact, we can still feel the intention of IOS 14 in the process of using it. For example, from clicking on the widget to opening the corresponding app, there is almost no delay on IOS 14. Many Android phones today can’t do this. < / P > < p > I feel that after the upgrade, the system seems to be back to 12, which is much smoother and has little heat. Although there is a background phenomenon, but it does not quit a second to restart. It feels good. Of course, there are also some BUG, such as the Carlton imported from time to time, the caller will not show a small destination, it will only show the mainland of China, but in the phone records, there will be a place to show, and it will feel very wonderful. Playing some relatively large games may have flashback, in general, there are bugs, but it does not affect the use. Finally, if your mobile phone is a system of 12 or earlier, it is not recommended to upgrade it. If you are a 13 system, you can upgrade it, and some new functions are OK. < / P > < p > to be fair, IOS 14 is probably the most changed version in history. In terms of interface, it has completely subverted many traditions that IOS has been adhering to since the early generation; in terms of performance, the great improvement it has brought to existing hardware and the number of functions it has added mean that it will inevitably usher in a very high speed of updating and popularization. The “device intelligence” capability brought by IOS 14 to the old hardware makes us have a new understanding of the implementation form of AI on mobile devices. < / P > < p > in addition to the above functions, IOS 14’s privacy function, modifying some applications and other functions are also worth looking forward to. However, due to a series of factors, such as the price, Huawei incident, wechat ban and so on, the popularity of domestic users for the iPhone continues to decline. If the iPhone 12 will be launched next month, will you choose to buy it? What’s more, what do you think of IOS 14? Welcome to interact in the comments area! < / P > < p > there are a lot of new things in this IOS update. Many details will only be noticed when you use them frequently. Sleep is the most impressive experience. From the lock screen reminder to the alarm clock, it can be said that this update of Apple pays more attention to health functions. Maybe many people say that the apple system is becoming more and more Android, because Many of the updated features of Android have been available for a long time, but IOS can always bring me surprise. After all, Apple has been using apple mobile phones in recent years. In my opinion, apple is more like making the functions more perfect and detailed before it can be applied to the system. After all, the user experience is the first. This is the experience of the official version of IOS 14. Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia