After wechat was banned, Tencent built a 70 billion giant, and Ma Huateng’s throne as China’s richest man has been stabilized!

As a well-known Internet company in China, Tencent is more low-key than Ali, but this low-key is charged with irrelevant charges. A US ban has affected Tencent’s wechat, and millions of users may be as helpless as India to give up. As soon as the news came out, Tencent’s stock price fell in response to the call, once evaporating more than 500 billion yuan, or even falling below the threshold of 5 trillion yuan. However, objectively speaking, the ban on wechat will not shake the social status of wechat. After all, the focus of wechat is at home, not abroad. According to the data released in 2019, wechat accounts for a small proportion of overseas social networking. Among the most popular social applications abroad, wechat has almost the lowest sense of presence. Most of them are used by Chinese and international students, with a utilization rate of only 0.79%. In addition, the impact on the enterprise level is relatively low. Cultural differences make them more inclined to email than social applications such as wechat. < p > < p > in fact, Tencent has not shown much resistance to the ban of wechat, and is still evaluating the possible impact. Some people in the industry said that the ban on wechat would not affect Tencent’s other businesses. It’s also a coincidence that Tencent has made new moves in the field of games recently. Huanju group, which is controlled by Tencent subsidiary, has announced that it will transfer shares of Huya to Tencent, with a transaction scale of US $810 million. Tencent can take this opportunity to promote the merger of Huya and douyu. < p > < p > according to public data, Tencent is now a major shareholder of tiger tooth and Betta. According to the April douyu documents, Tencent holds 38% of the douyu shares and is the largest shareholder with 38% of the voting rights. At the same time, in the management of Huya, Tencent accounted for more than 36.9% of the shares last year. This year, Tencent invested 262 million yuan in April, becoming the largest shareholder, but also won 50.1% of the voting rights. At that time, the CEO of tiger tooth said that the company would maintain independent operation. < p > < p > according to the transfer agreement between Tencent and huanju group, after the transaction, Tencent owns 51.05% of the shares in Huya, and its voting rights have increased by more than 70%. In other words, Tencent has obtained the decision-making power of Huya. Once the merger and acquisition of Huya and douyu goes smoothly, Tencent is equivalent to building a new game live unicorn, with a market value of nearly RMB 70 billion, which can be called a new giant. < p > < p > in fact, Tencent has a foundation to promote the merger. According to the betta financial report, the revenue of the previous quarter exceeded 2.5 billion, while that of Huya showed that the revenue of the first quarter was 2.4 billion. It can be seen that the gap in revenue is not big, which also lays the foundation for the merger of the two sides. In addition, in the relevant data statistics, the coincidence rate of users between Tiger tooth and Betta is as high as 31%, and the monthly active users also enter the level of 10 million. After the merger, the resource integration of the whole industry is a kind of “saving”. < / P > < p > friends who have seen the live game should know that all platforms have annual events and other activities. In order to gain attention, enterprises also support resources. Tiger teeth and fighting fish, which belong to Tencent, inevitably compete with each other, causing resource waste and increasing management costs. The combination of douyu and Huya can not only reduce their losses and Tencent’s money burning speed, but also concentrate their efforts on the outside world to a certain extent. < / P > < p > at present, there are still short video platforms and B stations that are covetous in addition to the tiger teeth Betta, and their respective ecosystems are rapidly improving. However, in terms of the reward income attributable to enterprises, Huya and douyu can only maintain the same level or even lag behind the short video platform. It is just that the merger of the two sides can enhance the overall competitiveness of tiger teeth and Betta, and strengthen the competitive barriers in Tencent’s game field. After all, the market value of Huya has reached $5.2 billion, and the value of Betta has reached $4.4 billion. After the merger, Tencent will focus on its advantages and further stabilize its position in the game field with the birth of a new giant of 70 billion, which will also restrain other enterprises. < p > < p > of course, Ma Huateng should be the last one to laugh after the merger of tiger teeth and Betta. When wechat was banned before, Tencent’s share price fell by 260 billion yuan. But now, stimulated by the news of the combination of douyu and Huya, Tencent’s share price has returned to the industry of 5 trillion yuan, and Ma Huateng is still the richest man in China. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that according to the data forecast of the third-party organization iResearch, the live game market will create a huge market space of 23.6 billion this year, and it is likely to reach 40 billion by 2021. The merger of tiger tooth and douyu will contribute more than 82.4% of the market share to Tencent. At that time, Tencent will not only be able to stabilize the dominant position of the game, but also Ma Huateng’s value will rise to a new height. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally