After Yang Liwei returned to earth, why did he no longer go to space for missions? The reason is sour

At the beginning of the founding of the country, it was not only poor in materials and materials, but also very backward in science and technology. At that time, western countries excluded China from all kinds of research and refused the participation of Chinese scientists. As early as the 1960s and 1970s, developed countries such as Europe and the United States completed the manned space flight, while China started relatively late in this field. After decades of hard work, China finally realized its dream of manned flight in the early 21st century. Yang Liwei, as China’s first astronaut to go into space, has also opened the chapter of China’s manned flight, and has become a space hero in our mind. After returning to the earth, why did Yang Liwei no longer carry out space missions? The reason for this is that people’s hearts are sour. As China’s first man to explore space, Yang Liwei took many unknown risks to carry out the mission. In the end, it was a one shot success and returned to the ground safely. However, after the spaceship landed safely, Yang Liwei’s face turned a little pale and his mouth was covered with blood. Although Yang Liwei tried his best to cover it up, people still caught a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth and his tired expression. At that time, Yang Liwei explained that this was due to the shock caused by the landing of the spacecraft, and his mouth was scratched by his headset. < p > < p > this can not help but make people feel a bit scared. If you go down an inch or so, it is likely to cut his great cervical artery, which will threaten Yang Liwei’s life. On the day of Yang Liwei’s successful return from the space mission, the Chinese people are celebrating all over the country. However, behind every hero’s achievement, it is not so simple. At this time, Yang Liwei was on the verge of sacrifice several times during his mission. Just as the spaceship blasted off, Yang Liwei sent a message to the ground at that time, saying that his internal organs had a feeling of serious injury, and some even suffocated him. It was not until the ship was in a steady state that he felt a little relieved. However, during the spaceship’s stay in space, Yang Liwei also heard a knock on the door. When Yang Liwei shared his experience with everyone, it was also creepy. After all, the legend of aliens, although not confirmed, has not been completely denied. So at that time, many people thought that the knock might come from aliens. But in fact, there are no other flying objects, or humans, in the whole space and near the manned spacecraft Yang Liwei piloted. After scientific verification, it was due to the high temperature generated by the friction between the spacecraft itself and the atmosphere, resulting in deformation. So there’s a knock on the door. < p > < p > although there was no danger in the whole process, Yang Liwei’s body was injured to a certain extent. Therefore, after returning to earth, Yang Liwei carried out physical examination and recuperation for quite a long time. After he was fully recovered, Yang Liwei never carried out the second mission. But after that, Yang Liwei did not leave China’s space industry, but turned behind the scenes. In addition to cultivating space technology talents, he also participated in the improvement and improvement of spaceships. For a country, it takes a lot of energy and money to train an excellent astronaut. This time, Yang Liwei, as China’s first space hero, has accumulated valuable experience in space flight. At the same time, some problems of his manned spaceship are also summarized. Since then, China has gradually overcome these problems in related technologies and made great contributions to the future space work. Now Yang Liwei is over 50 years old, and his physical fitness is not as good as before. Although he still has ambition and wants to realize his dream of flying into space again in his lifetime. However, considering that the space environment will cause harm to human body, it will never let him go up again. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia