Agreed not to buy the iPhone 12, the result is faster than anyone else

The iPhone 12 is the most changed iPhone in recent years, but some of its configuration is still not updated, leading to many netizens threatening to boycott before the sale. As a result, as soon as the official website opened the pre-sale, it was snapped up. How popular is the iPhone 12? Just released on the front page, scolded also on the hot search, and even sold out can be on the headlines. In some third-party sales platforms, the number of appointments for an iPhone 12 alone exceeds one million. When the official website starts pre-sale, it is wiped out within 10 seconds, which is equivalent to the pre-sale performance of iPhone 11 in three days. The iPhone 12 has set a new sales record for apple, with more appointments than other Android flagship combined. There is no doubt that the iPhone 12 will be Apple’s best seller this year. < / P > < p > many people boycotted the iPhone 12 before it was put on sale. One was that they disliked the appearance of the iPhone 12. After all, Liu Haiping screen was really out of date, and the proportion of screens was low, so it couldn’t keep up with the times. The other disliked the battery life, even though there were A14 and A14 With the optimization of IOS, however, the battery capacity is too small, which makes consumers worry about the service life. There are also a group of users who resist Apple’s products because Huawei is under pressure. Such users can understand. However, the iPhone 12 can’t escape the true fragrance law, and those users who dislike the poor configuration become the fastest buyers. After all, the iPhone 12 supports 5g, the appearance design has the idea of jobs, and the split frame is very beautiful. The 5nm A14 is particularly powerful, ensuring the overall performance and life of the phone. With the iPhone 12min, which is available from 5400, it’s hard for consumers to get excited. < / P > < p > the main users of iPhone 12 are fruit powder. Apple fans have a strong purchasing power. Even if the price is expensive, they can’t stop their love for apple. Because Apple’s mobile phone is durable, many users who stay in the old model also begin to change their phones. IPhone 11 only supports 4G, which is really not comparable with apple. Therefore, iPhone 12 is a good choice. Some users who have never used IOS will also use the iPhone 12 to experience its fluency. Sales volume shows everything. IPhone 12 is a very successful product, after all, not all consumers are irrational. Not surprisingly, the iPhone 12mini will also be available for pre-sale next month, when more people will buy it. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”