AI inventory has been upgraded to mengpai group, covering such businesses as rates and inventory

Blue whale TMT channel on August 6, AI inventory officially announced today that it was upgraded to dreampay group, providing digital stores and integrated products and services integrated solutions for individuals and enterprises.

“digital certification of flow assets will become a trend. Dream pay group hopes to pass the decentralized e-commerce platform and flow asset certification, return the flow to the flow owners, and make their own flow decisions. ” Wang Min, founder and chairman of Mengyu group, said that the brand-new dream pay group will continue to work under the logic of “people do not move goods”, and strive to realize the vision of capacity reduction, environmental protection, employment stability and promotion fees.

according to the introduction, dreampay group covers the business of rates and inventory. Among them, the pay shop provides consumers with large brand and small price commodities from the world with a decentralized brand special sale platform based on more than one million shopkeepers; AI inventory promotes the ecological coordination of the group better with an international inventory trading supply chain platform.

when AI inventory launched its “pay shop” in June this year, it said that consumers could shop through the shops shared by the owners in private channels, or they could directly search the small app of the pay shop to find the entrance. The platform provides consumers with more than 10000 brand specials, and more than 1.8 million shop owners provide services including selection, recommendation and after-sales.

it is reported that the policy of “five days’ settlement and seven days’ payment collection” is provided for merchants, which not only reduces the circulation cost of commodities, but also allows brand merchants to quickly return funds and improve the efficiency of capital utilization. At the same time, there is no advertising cost, which reduces the promotion and operation costs of online channels. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia