AI inventory upgrades to create new e-commerce infrastructure enabling business for Mengfang group

China net science and technology, August 7, yesterday, love inventory officially announced the upgrade to dream rate group. After the upgrade, dreampay group’s business covers rates, love inventory and other businesses, providing digital stores and integrated products and services integrated solutions for individuals and enterprises. < p > < p > from de stocking the brand to covering all categories and upgrading, Mengfang group has more than 2 million registered shopkeepers less than three years after its establishment, and has helped more than 10000 brand companies sell more than 250 million products. In the future, Mengfang group will continue to increase the size of all categories, all channels and full opening, and deeply cultivate the fine operation, so as to provide “hydropower and coal” infrastructure for new e-commerce for the owners. < p > < p > at the brand upgrade conference, Wang Min, the founder and chairman of dreampay group, said that for brands and online shopkeepers, the most important asset is not goods, but traffic and fan influence, and digital certification of traffic assets will also become a trend. Dream pay group hopes to pass the decentralized e-commerce platform and flow asset certification, return the flow to the flow owners, and make their own flow decisions. By providing services such as high cost-effective goods, delivery and performance, user training and pre-sale and after-sales customer service, as well as technical and regulatory basis and guarantee, Mengfang group provides individuals and enterprises with a new online economy of “hydropower and coal” infrastructure. In the era of flow awakening, everyone has the opportunity to realize the dream of a small platform. < p > < p > according to the calm introduction of the co-founder and CEO of Mengfang group, in the future, the group will continue to increase the weight of “all categories, all channels, full opening” and deepen the refined operation strategy, and work together with the owners, brand merchants, partners and other ecological parties for common development. < / P > < p > among them, the full category will expand the categories of beauty and home furnishings based on family consumption on the basis of making a thorough study of clothing and other advantageous categories, and at the same time, it will jointly develop characteristic commodities with brand owners to meet the needs of shopkeepers and consumers in an all-round way; Omni channel will focus on short video, live marketing and global supply channels to help shopkeepers better sell their goods; and through data opening and system opening, the company will provide more services to the owners With the four major opening-up, namely, opening up, community opening and cloud warehouse opening, businesses can have more independent operation space, more flexible sales and activity modes, and effectively reduce the cost of warehousing and logistics. In terms of intensive and refined operation, Mengfang group will upgrade its basic capabilities such as signing a new year box with merchants, enabling cloud warehouses, and innovating radio stations, so as to strengthen the linkage between the platform and businesses, so as to crack down on more single events. < / P > < p > in order to help shopkeepers find goods better, Mengfang group has also set up five good standards of “good goods, good service, good marketing, good incentive, good delivery” and “five small good standards of” good quality, good price, good brand, good structure and good style “, so as to promote the owners to achieve better business and income generation, and help the brand to achieve efficient transaction. According to Zheng Changzhong, director of the Research Center for Party building and national development of Fudan University, the new economy and new e-commerce model represented by Mengfang group has well implemented the core concept of people-oriented in the community economy. Any important trend of economic development should step on the key point of civilization development and follow the way. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list